Midtown Comics Times Square building fire leaves no damage


According to store employees, yesterday’s electrical fire at the Maoz beneath Midtown Comics Times Square left no damage to the store except for a closure of 35 minutes. Great news.

It did make for some scary pictures, though.



  1. UGH, those poor firemen, having to wear all that gear in the summer heat!

  2. Midtown isn’t Grand Central. Midtown is Times Square.

  3. Hyman Rosen says:

    There’s a Maoz under the 40th St. store on the west side (near Times Square), not the 45th St. store on the east side (near Grand Central).

  4. The image above is the original Midtown Comics store, located at 200 W 40th Street, near Times Square. Google Maps confirms this.

    As for “Midtown”…
    Midtown North (18th) and Midtown South (14th) precincts do cover both stores. Community Board Five, Midtown, runs from Lexington Avenue to Eighth Avenue, and from 59th to 14th Streets.

    If you consider skyscrapers to be the general definition of any business district, then Midtown would easily extend from Third Avenue to Eighth Avenue.

  5. Hyman Rosen says:

    “Midtown Comics” is the name of the store(s). But the headline says it’s the “Grand Central” building, which it is not.

  6. thank god no one was hurt, especially the crew at midtown…a really nice bunch of guys running a truely amazing store.

  7. Thanks for the concern everyone! We’re all ok and back to business as usual.

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