Man of Steel soars to $200M Worldwide

“Man of Steel” sets a record for the biggest opening in June, ever. The reboot made $12 million on Thursday (thanks to the Walmart advance screening), $113.1M domestic, and $25M at foreign theaters totaling to $151M. The PG-13 film screened in 4,207 theaters including 331 IMAX screens. Warner united with 98 promotional partners spending $170M in publicity, out spending ‘The Dark Knight” by 20 million.

(Update) Father’s Day gave a last minute push to the $200 million milestone. (via Hollywood Reporter)

…the stellar showing on Sunday prompted Warners to revise those numbers upward to $116.7 million and $128.7 million, respectively.

Overseas, Man of Steel opened to a strong $71.6 million in its first 24 markets.


Knowledgeable source from the studio was quoted that the “Man of Steel” sequel is in the works and expecting a release as soon as 2014. The “Justice League” film is expected to hit theaters in 2015. (via Rotten Tomatoes and WSJ)

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  1. Tom Strong says:

    No way MOS 2 for 2014 and JLA for 2015. No way possible.

  2. royd_9 says:

    Sorry to contradict, but everywhere else is reporting 71.6M foreign and a big total of 196M.

  3. royd_9 says:

    I just saw new estimates came in this morning: 128.7M domestic and 71.6M foreign, for 200M+ worldwide

  4. Shags says:

    It’s foreign take is actually $71.6M. And WB adjusted their weekend estimate to to $116.7M to include a slightly higher Father’s Day take, making its worldwide total just over $200M.

  5. jonboy says:

    One should also note that MoS has100 global promotional partners and made $160 million in collective promotional support BEFORE any tickets were sold.

  6. Thanks for the links and the information folks!

  7. Torsten Adair says:

    Spider-Man did the two-year turnaround.
    Thor will do it next Fall.
    Batman did it (although the second movie was “Batman & Robin…)
    Iron Man did it.

    And then there’s Harry Potter… 8 movies in ten years, produced by, you guessed it, Warner Brothers.

    And don’t forget WB’s New Line, which produced The Lord of the Rings.

  8. @Torsten

    Post production for Man of Steel took 16 months. Unless they already started filming it, or greatly reduce the amount of FX shots, I doubt they could get the sequel out by the end of 2014.

  9. jonboy says:

    And I don’t know movie FX, but… if the groundwork for the Superman effects is already done (Cavill flying, etc), wouldn’t that cut down on some of the post production for subsequent movies? I can’t imagine that everything would be created from scratch.

  10. Darrell Taylor says:

    I just want to see more movies with this Superman. I enjoyed the film.

  11. george says:

    George Lucas and Steven Spielberg now see themselves as victims of the blockbuster movie economy they started.

    Spielberg says he had trouble finding a distributor for “Lincoln” (it nearly premiered on HBO), while Lucas predicts a two-tier admission system, where you’ll pay $25 for the next “Iron Man” and about $7 for the next “Lincoln.”


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