Lafler's DOG BOY back as a webcomic

Indie comics legend Steve Lafler is back with his best known creation, the raffish, brutal DOG BOY. The strip will appear at CO2 Comics starting tomorrow.

Dog Boy is pure Id, a lad with an enormous Golden Retriever head. He stands in for everyman and quests for the meaning of life, often with the aid of copious amounts of cheap beer. This singular series is wholly improvised by Lafler, with unscripted flights of fancy at turns running into dead ends, or courting the sublime.

Lafler is best known for his BugHouse trilogy of graphic novels with Top Shelf. He published 17 issues of Dog Boy between 1982 and 1988, both with Fantagraphics and his own Cat-Head Comics imprint.


  1. Always great to see new Lafler work!

  2. this is wonderful news indeed!

  3. Dougtron 3030 says:

    Between this and the Klein print, this is shaping up to be an awesome news day!

  4. The direct link for the new DOG BOY strip is

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