Kochalka’s FF

Fantasticfour9Page17 Color
Offered without context..James Kochalka’s retelling of FF #9, page 17:



  1. mambrose says:

    I’ll admit my ignorance; I’ve never read any of James kochalka’s work, and I’ve never read Stan Lee and Jack Kirby’s FF.

    Regardless, that is the best thing I’ve seen this month.

  2. Jasper Sitwell says:

    If you liked that, then you’re going to love Fake Stan Lee’s redialogued FF #3:


  3. Joe S. Walker says:

    Well, Mr Kochalka just added to the world’s supply of pointlessness.

  4. I’d start Dianetics for that.

  5. Art is never pointless!

  6. As opposed to commenting on this supposed pointlessness?

  7. An internet comment is never pointless!

  8. Cole Moore Odell says:

    Kochalka explained on his site that he did the page as a commission for someone who’s getting various artists to draw pages from the issue in their own styles. It’s not pointless, it’s a gig.

  9. Fanboy Menace says:

    It’s not pointless if it’s AWESOME!

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