Kaare Andrews draws Iron Fist




Taking a break from filmmaking with some comics, artist Kaare Adrews is back with some sharp looking Iron Fist pages. RON FIST: THE LIVING WEAPON #1 comes out in April. Also included variant covers by Dale Keown, Mike del Mundo and Skottie Young.




Iron_Fist_TLW_1_Del_Mundo_Animal_Variant Iron_Fist_TLW_1_Young_Variant Iron_Fist_TLW_1_Preview_1 Iron_Fist_TLW_1_Preview_2 Iron_Fist_TLW_1_Preview_3 Iron_Fist_TLW_1_Keown_Variant


  1. says

    stunning interiors; wondering about the story part of it since I did not enjoy Spider-Man: Reign very much

  2. Brian says

    Brubakers run in that is one of the best superhero comic runs I’ve ever read. So good. This one at least has nice art

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