Joe Pruett hospitalized for possible stroke — UPDATE

Joe Pruett hospitalized for possible stroke — UPDATE

Valerie Pruett Smith shared on Facebook that Joe Pruett has suffered a possible stroke.

Joe Pruett

Please say prayers for my nephew, Joe Pruett, he’s the father of six and is at the hospital with possible stroke.

Joe is known for roles as a writer, editor, and creative director for Caliber Comics. Pruett’s famous for the highly decorated comic book “Negative Burn” and run on the Cable title during the “Age of Apocalypse” X-Men storylines.

Our thoughts are with his loved ones.

UPDATE Tuesday 3 pm:

Artist Cully Hamner has tweeted the following promising news:


  1. Phil Hester says

    All the best to Joe and his family. I’m confident he’ll come through.

  2. Dean Haspiel says

    Father of ONLY six kids AND make comix? This is but a minor setback. You’ve got the stuff, Joe!

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