Incredible X-Men infographic helps you keep the teams straight

X Men Infographic FULL Incredible X Men infographic helps you keep the teams straight
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If such a thing can really be done—and let’s face it, around about NÜ Marvel it got a lot harder. Anyway Beat Contributor and Mistress of the Infographic Arts Kate Willaert has DONE IT AGAIN with a chart showing the evolution of various X-teams, and just how many times Professor X has been killed, setting off a team shuffle. Also, Cannonball.

It’s especially handy prior to Friday’s X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTRUE PAST premiere so you can see just who went back in time to bring people forward to save a possible timeline.

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  1. Ralf Haring says:

    Excellent! Please do one of these for the Avengers as well. The contrast between how that franchise ballooned in the 00s and the X-Men in the 90s would be interesting.

  2. Holy guacamole!!! That’s a super impressive infographic. Like beyond normal levels of impressive. Freakishly impressive. Dare I say… homo superior impressive?!? Kate, your X-Men name should be Infographik.

  3. Wow! Great job!

  4. Chaos McKenzie says:

    Impressive. I applaud the choice to avoid miniscule characters like Sketch, Stevie Hunter, or when Dani worked as Forge’s assistant. But it’s missing Jean Gray’s adhoc team from just before Morrison’s run with Northstar and Frenzy’s first times at bat, and the Deadly Genesis team (does that one count still?).

  5. FrostMarvel says:

    This is fantastic! However, what about Deadly Genesis rectons (2006) and The Hidden Years (2000). But still… great effort!


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