In the tradition of STAR TREK Eggos….

[Warning: no comic book content in this post.]

TWILIGHT Candy Hearts for Valentine’s Day?

posted by mark coale


  1. It’s old. I manage an FYE and we had those last year…and a steady supply all year actually. There is also a heart-shaped chocolate box and New Moon candy bars. Not to mention even New Moon/Twilight Band-Aid’s that we carry. I am sooooo sick of Twilight crap!

  2. Oh…and there is actually a third box of those hearts, that has the Twilight cast. And they are “collectible” as they are also numbered “1 of 3″, “2 of 3″ etc…

  3. These candies ruined my Eggos!

  4. Xenos says:

    I saw these sometime last year. Lemme see if I can dig up a picture I took at a party favor store. Ah. Here it is. They also were selling damn sparkles with the Twilight crap.

  5. I’d just like to point out that “Hearts” is an anagram for “Haters.”

  6. This…this is genius marketing, people.

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