Headin’ for a holiday: Muppet Rhapsody

Let’s ease into the turkey glut with this delightful cultural mashup.



  1. Rob Jensen (aka ShutUpRob) says:


    So far, it’s shown up on my Facebook feed three times, once on rec.arts.tv on Usenet, once on Attack of the Show and now here.

    Liked it when I saw it. But geez, lurve for this one has jumped the shark so fast my head is spinning.

    — Rob

  2. Love it! (First time I saw it.)

    Sadly Kermit still sounds like he’s got the world’s longest cold.

  3. mark coale says:

    Make sure to watch the Swedish chef vs Pumpkins clip on the Muppet Channel too.

  4. michael says:

    People love the Muppets!! Bring em back I says!! :)

  5. Well, this is the first time I’VE seen it, so a big thank you to Heidi!

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