First look at Jim Starlin’s Stormwatch covers


On his Facebook page, Jim Starlin has posted the B&W art from his covers for the first two issues—#19 and #20— of his run on Stormwatch. The inker is Rob Turner. If we’re not mistaken that’s the first time the “F” part of the Stormwatch “WTF” cover has been shown. In this case it looks like a villain has triumphed and a hero is dead. WTF?!?!?

Starlin will be writing Stormwatch starting with #19 in April.



  1. Snikt Snakt says:

    Love the creator, zero interest in the team. Pass!!!

  2. Kate Willaert says:

    Anyone know who did the art for the placeholder cover image that’s been used in solicitations for #19?

  3. LazyBuffalo says:

    It looks a lot like Will Conrad, who was the artist on the series before Jim Starlin.

  4. Looks like Starlin’s “The Weird” in the middle of the WTF cover.

  5. DublDownDrew says:

    I had no idea he was taking over the book. Those covers look GREAT!

  6. Shawn Kane says:

    If he was doing the interiors, I’d give this book another shot.

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