First Look: Adrianne Palicki dons Wonder Woman costume

The pilot for the Wonder Woman revamp just started shooting, and EW has revealed the first still of star Adrianne Palicki (Friday Night LIghts) in the new Wonder Woman costume.

The new look seems to be modeled in equal parts on Jim Lee’s revamped design and MAC’s recent Wonder Woman make-up line packaging. Critics are already calling it vinyl-y, Halloween costume-esque and garish — or as one of our correspondents joked “It’s amazingly similar to what they wear in fake superhero bondage porn videos.”

Our take? Sure it’s loud and blue and red. But YOU try dressing like a superhero. The addition of the black pants from the Lee redesign would have toned it down a bit but OYMIGOD! Look at those cool cyan boots!

On the plus side, Palicki certainly wears the costume well.


  1. You’ll get no argument from me.

    Thumbs up!



  2. I like it. I also think it’s unfair to entirely judge it on just one static image. It might look different in motion and in the show.

  3. @Will: Exactly. Publicity stills under bright lights vs. motion under actual scene lighting? Potentially a huge difference.

  4. Sorry – the ‘vinyl look’ is terrible, & the way her breasts are pushed up make the curve at the top look like implants. At least in this pic, & perhaps the pic is deceptive.

    (To me, chest size is completely irrelevant, but I highly doubt the Amazon Princess’ boobies are silicone.)

    But I will ultimately judge by the quality of the writing, direction & acting.

  5. I agree with Will. I think it’ll work. I like it. Plus Adrienne can act. Loved her on FNL

  6. ikaras says:

    As someone that has shot superhero bondage porn, yeah, that’s pretty close

  7. She looks a little tentative in it still–which I guess is understandable since she just got the job.

  8. Rob Spencer says:

    There are pants?

  9. Matthew Southworth says:

    I think it looks good and I hope the show rocks. I don’t know anything about Adrianne Palicki, but I think a cool Wonder Woman show would be really fun.

    My optimism isn’t even cautious!

  10. Seriously, people like this? If so, there’s a bunch more just like it here:

  11. Rob Spencer says:

    Just remembered, people were moaning about how awful the stills looked when the JSA was on Smallville and that turned out to be..

    Shutting up.

  12. Shiny, shiny… shiny boots of leather…

    Whiplash girlchild in PLASTIC??

  13. I like it… but those pants are really kinda shiny.

  14. Why boots no red? Otherwise it looks great.

  15. CitizenCliff says:

    Boots are not red because Hollywood always knows better. Hollywood was smart enough to change Bruce Banner to David Banner. Hollywood was brilliant to make Batgirl be Alfred’s niece. Don’t question Hollywood, they’re geniuses and they know what they’re doing. Look how wonderful those Fantastic Four and Hulk movies were. They are infinitely smarter and more creative than lowly mortal comic creators.

  16. Even though it was over-used in the late 90’s, it seems like a costume that looked like it was made from leather might be appropriate in this instance. This one looks like a rose bush thorn would cause a tear. Wonder Woman needs something she can get thrown through a wall and still come back fighting as a costume. I’m OK with the design, just seems the materials are a bit flimsy.

  17. David Martinez says:

    Awful. Seriously, vinyl? And why all those pointy plastic things glued onto it? A corset looks like a hard thing to fight crime in. Thumbs down.

  18. Heidi, you know I know of what I speak. This looks like the artwork you find adorning packages of costumes sold at every adult store in town. It could be the naughty nurse, it could be a French maid, it could be Wonder Woman. They all have the same quality as this picture does.

  19. Yeah, it looks more like an fan-made costume, rather than anything for network tv. Just did a google search for Wonder Woman and SDCC and I was able to find a number of better fan-made costumes.

    In general I don’t have much faith in the show being any good and bad choices like this isn’t helping.

  20. Comic2read says:

    She looks like a waitress going to a Halloween party but didn’t care enough to get the costume right.

  21. “[T]he way her breasts are pushed up make the curve at the top look like implants.”

    They look like implants because they’re implants.

    “It’s amazingly similar to what they wear in fake superhero bondage porn videos.”

    It’s actually way worse, which is par for the course. The guy in the Superman porno had a better suit than Dean Cain. And the folks behind the Wonder Woman porno had the good sense to cast a brunette with real boobs.

    I think the Hollywood types who perpetrated that thing up there could learn a lot from the porno people about not overthinking this shit, and how to embrace the fun and the appealingly-goofy aspects of it.

  22. Ian Boothby says:

    The invisible jet behind her looks great.

  23. “They look like implants because they’re implants.”

    …and you would know this because you’re her plastic surgeon? Or perhaps you’ve watched too much porn to make a fair assessment?

  24. If it was closer to the Jim Lee design it would be better:

  25. KET:

    I’d know this because I have functioning eyes and a rudimentary understanding of human anatomy.

  26. Dave Hackett says:

    My daughter’s reaction (she’s 8):

    “If it’s a real person show, I won’t watch it…

    Wait! she doesn’t wear pants, she needs blue under-ish things!

    And her boots should be red!”

  27. Steven says:

    Horribly cheap looking vinyl porno costume. Not at all suitable for an Amazon princess.

  28. Red boots might be more “true to the original”, but with those blue pants, they’d make her look like Chris Reeve with a sex change.

  29. Brendan T says:


    Yeah, crazy obvious implants. Obviously. I think it’s more likely you don’t know how either push up bras or corsets work.

    Honestly, I like the costume fine. It’d be better if the chest portion were an actual breastplate and the boots were red and not heels, but at the same time it’s much better than what I was expecting so…I’ll take it.

  30. Try a pic from the last decade:

  31. The smoking gun:

    Sorry to disillusion people.

  32. What I’ve learned from this comments thread:

    1. Superhero costumes look like fetish gear. Oh noes! I would have never suspected!

    2. Young actresses surgically enhance their bodies. That was a surprise, too!

  33. mauvecanary says:

    Looks like something Peggy Bundy would wear.

  34. NOW you’re talkin’! : )

  35. with those blue pants, they’d make her look like Chris Reeve with a sex change.

    You say that like it’s a bad thing.

  36. So, to sum up:

    This costume is AWESOME!

    This costume is AWFUL!

    This costume is OKAY!

    Of course, none of it matters unless the SHOW is good, and I have no doubt everyone will disagree about THAT as well.

  37. Allen Rubinstein says:

    So, I’m guessing this will be some kind of cheeze-fest in the vein of Xena and Hercules? Pouty lips, fake tits, zero musculature – hard action grittiness does not appear to be the goal here. I have no idea how you create a superhero throwing a lasso look anything but ludicrous.

  38. >>hard action grittiness does not appear to be the goal here>>

    Hard action grittiness?

    Was anyone under the impression it might be the goal?

  39. Synsidar says:

    I thought the costume looked terrible, but the pants actually were worse than the top, which was a surprise. I can’t recall ever seeing a person wear a superhero costume that works as clothing.

    The costumes look better on the pages of comic books, but that might be because the people aren’t drawn realistically.


  40. Al™ says:

    Looks fine to me. Pretty modest compared to what the singers are wearing on music videos these days.

  41. Look, you all are missing the point. This is only going to work if she has an episode where she uses a skateboard to catch a thief. This is the only way.

    And please note, kids: even Wonder Woman wears a helmet when she skates.

  42. Snikt Snakt says:

    From the waist up it looks great…

  43. Kate Willaert says:

    I like the design, I just don’t like the cheap materials used. Though I think if the boots were red, it’d the color scheme would look more balanced. (Also, I think black would look cooler than blue, but that’s me.)

  44. Olivia (age 5) just said, “Wait, I thought she was going to have a skirt with red boots.” Everyone plays!

  45. Oh, look, it’s Wonder Woman!!

  46. K.Ramos says:

    As a woman the first things that come to mind are:
    1. If she jumps, the boobs are out.
    2. If she sweats, it’ll be a pain to take those pants out. Imagine running in sweaty vynil….

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