EXCLUSIVE: STRANGE TALES preview with Nick Bertozzi and Matt Kindt

The Beat is thrilled to present an EXCLUSIVE preview of two more stories from Marvel’s STRANGE TALES anthology — in which indie comics stars take on Marvel’s greatest characters. WE’ve seen Jason’s Spider-Man and Dash Shaw’s Dr. Strange, but here are two more epic x-overs: Nick Bertozzi’s Modok and Matt Kindt’s Black Widow. Click to enlarge.

You’ll recall that STRANGE TALES is a planned 3-issue MAX series chock full of indie comics’ greatest stars, including Paul Pope, Peter Bagge, Molly Crabapple & John Leavitt, Junko Mizuno, Dash Shaw, James Kochalka, Johnny Ryan, Michael Kupperman, Nick Bertozzi, Nicholas Gurewitch, Jason, and more. The first issue comes out in September.


Pages From Widow Kindt-2



  1. Wow. Sensational.

  2. That Black Widow page is giving me vertigo, with a small “v”. Big head, little body, ooh, my eyes.

  3. Marvel: charge whatever you want for this.

  4. I am so BUMMED OUT that I wasn’t asked to be in this book!!!

  5. James W says:

    Now I am too, Dean Haspiel!

  6. I’m going to incorporate ‘Captains America’ into as much of interpersonal communication as I can until someone hits me.

  7. Nick asked me out once, and I just blew him off. Told him he was a skinny twerp.
    I was so young and foolish…

  8. Already drunk at 10:11am, Hamilton? Shame on you.

  9. Why can’t all mainstream superhero comics be like this?

  10. Why don’t they just repackage Goober Skeeter and call that issue # 1?




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