Guggenheim’s Nowhere Man is somewhere again, three years later

The week before a big movie release is the traditional time for announcements of new projects for those involved; it’s a magical time when the entertainment world’s attention is turned to you, but before possible tankage or bad news, when there’s a world of opportunity for those with vision.

Thus it is that Deadline today announced that GREEN LANTERN writer Marc Guggenheim was launching his comics series NOWHERE MAN:

Liquid reemerges with graphic novel slate

You remember Virgin Comics — a celebrity-driven line of periodicals and GNs by such folks as Nicolas Cage, Jenna Jameson, Dave Stewart, and so on? When Virgin broke up a while ago it morphed into Liquid Comics, a smaller company run by Virgin’s principals with similar development goals. Liquid was announced in Sept. 2008 and […]

News on Liquid flows

The Hollywood Reporter has more on the launch of Liquid Comics, formed when Virgin Comics’ Gotham Chopra, Sharad Devarajan and Suresh Seetharaman bought out the assets of the company. As previously expected, Liquid will continue to develop digital content, films, animation and gaming projects based on its original characters and stories. Director Shekhar Kapur will […]

Virgin goes Liquid

Virgin Comics is no more…but Liquid has risen in its place. Virgin’s management team has completed a buyout of Virgin’s assets that they have renamed Liquid Comics. The new entity will have an emphasis on digital content. Developing. Liquid Comics has completed the management buyout of Virgin Comics led by the founding management team of […]


Ron Chan of Periscope Studio posts his artwork for a once-upcoming issue of Virgin’s GAMEKEEPER. Related: Snark from Steven Grant: As I’ve mentioned before they’re not the first company predicated on titles created by “stars” with the grunt work performed by work-for-hire comics talent, with the goal of generating mass media franchises from the properties; […]

Requiem for a Virgin

Looking at my calendar for today, there was a single item, planned about a month ago: 12:00 — Lunch with Virgin Comics The meeting had already been postponed once — it was a planned confab between Publishers Weekly’s team with Virgin’s people to talk about upcoming projects and how we could “work together.” Pretty standard […]

Virgin: That’s all she wrote

Somewhere, Nicolas Cage is crying. Calvin Reid at PW gets the tale of the tape: Although calls to Virgin Comics CEO and cofounder Sharad Devarajan (who is also president of Gotham Entertainment) have not been returned, sources confirm that the venture has been closed and that a statement will likely be issued soon. The closing […]

On the road again

We’re in transit back to civilization today. Full posting resumes tomorrow. We’ll have more coverage of the Virgin Comics realignment soonish. Three former Virgin freelancers confirmed the company’s publishing shut down in our own comments thread, but elsewhere on the Web, the response seems to be a resounding “So?”…it looks like Virgin never really got […]