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Ron Chan of Periscope Studio posts his artwork for a once-upcoming issue of Virgin’s GAMEKEEPER.

Related: Snark from Steven Grant:

As I’ve mentioned before they’re not the first company predicated on titles created by “stars” with the grunt work performed by work-for-hire comics talent, with the goal of generating mass media franchises from the properties; that’s how the runaway smash success story of the 1990s, the much-loved Tekno Comics, became the industry powerhouse they are today.


  1. Too bad about the colors. I like the way the comic looks in raw b/w form (3rd pic). As the computerized colors look bland to me, and the b/w would show off more of the artists’ talent, rather than cover it up.

  2. Yeah. I totally remember Tekno’s Leonard Nemoy’s Primortals became one of the best selling comics ever. Never mind the mucho Hollywood coin that came from it and other Tekno books.

    Oh wait..

    So.. um.. think I can sell them for at least a dollar each?

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