Kickwatcher: The Scary Godmother Doll by Jill Thompson

Okay this is one project that really truly deserves all your support! IT’s The Scary Godmother Doll designed by creator Jill Thompson. As you can see from the pictures the detail and appearance is amazing. And for $5 you get A BRAND NEW JUST FOR THIS KICKSTARTER SCARY GODMOTHER COMIC.

A brand new, 10 page, painted Scary Godmother story created specifically for this Kickstarter. Follow the Scary Godmother and her Monster pals as they make their way to the Spectral Six Convention! The first new story in quite a long while! Plus cool pinups by some of comicdoms most excellent artists! Like Jaime Hernandez, for example!! Available to you as a digital PDF! (Wanna be IN this comic? Check out the I’M READY FOR MY CLOSE UP incentive below!)

The project has raised some money but has a bit to go, so if you want to see one of indie comics most distinctive characters get a fantastic doll, go check out all the incentives.



MUST HAVE: Fletcher Hanks’ Stardust the Super Wizard gets an awesome figurine

If you are a fan of bizarre, pseudo-naive comics which actually reveal the terrors and struggles of our very subconscious in fantastic form—and who isn’t?—then you are already are wise to Fletcher Hanks, the obscure yet beloved cartoonist whose rare work was lauded in RAW magazine and collected in two books from Fantagraphics, I Shall Destroy All The Civilized Planets! and You Shall Die by Your Own Evil Creation!, both curated by Paul Karasik. Loopy and cosmic, brutish and yet profound, its easy to see why Hanks’ work is a cult favorite.

But for those Fletcher Hanks completists, you can finally get a tchotchke!, a new collectible company dedicated to Golden Age comics, has released a hand-painted polyrsein figurine of Stardust the Super Wizard, holding aloft the head of his enemy, “Master-Mind” De Structo.

This figure was the subject of an unsuccessful Kickstarter last year, so we’re thrilled to see that the creators were undaunted by that setback and have given the world the Stardust statue it deserves. (That said, this Stardust is a bit more heroic looking that Hanks’ disturbingly simplistic version.)

Priced at $27.95, the figurine is 1/21 scale and stands 4.3″ tall (Ealemoss size) and comes in three versions:the standard Grey Boots Edition (180 pieces produced); Yellow Boots Edition (75 pieces); and Red Boots Edition (45 pieces – almost sold out). Each variant has its own label, is individually numbered, and comes in a custom full color box. Details on buying it here.

We’re told Golden Age Figurines plans several more releases from the gonzo era of superheroes, including the figurines of other Hanks creation Fantomah, Mystery Woman of the Jungle, The Black Terror (both seen below); and Basil Wolverton’s Spacehawk.









SDCC’13: Lego Time! Batman Lego, Star Wars Lego, Hobbit Lego…

Lego have been making quite the splash at SDCC so far, as you may have seen from some of the various photos people have been taken. There’s a scale version of Hobbiton on-site, along with lifesize models of characters like Batman, Catwoman, and Joker. But Lego have also announced some new sets this weekend – featuring Batman, The Flash, The Hobbit, and Star Wars.

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SDCC13: Watchtower: Road Trip!

Henry “Hemi” Barajas gave you the particulars on the DC/KIA Justice League Sorento custom design, but there are many more Comic-Con car events happening!

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Marvel is free from paying web shooter toy inventor royalties


Chalk up another legal win for Marvel Enterprises. Tuesday, the 9th Circuit Courts of Appeals ruled that Marvel no longer has to pay Tucson attorney Stephen Kimble—inventor of the Spider-Man web shooters—royalties after 2010. [Read more…]

Marvel show off screenshots from Lego Marvel Super Heroes

After two games spent with Batman and chums, this year sees Lego turn their attention to Marvel’s roster of heroes. Coming later this year, Lego Marvel Super Heroes will feature all kinds of characters, and Marvel have released a whole load of screenshots showing off one of the many locations in the game – Asgard.

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Review: All The Iron Man 3 Lego Sets

Seen Iron Man 3 but want more? Looking to replay the best scenes over and over again? Or at the very least, do you want to put Pepper Potts into War Machine’s suit of armour and stick Tony Stark’s head onto a woman’s body? With the release of Iron Man 3 came three sets from Lego, all featuring different characters and locations from the film. But are they any good?

Mild spoilers here, but no major ones. I will talk about James Badge Dale’s hair a little bit.


The main set of the Iron Man 3 brand is Malibu Mansion Attack, which features Pepper Potts, Tony Stark, the Mandarin, a goon, one of those cute claw robots who’re in all the films, and an Iron Man suit. The set is made up of the mansion itself, along with a helicopter. Now, I far prefer the sets to the vehicles, when it comes to Lego – I don’t care for cars or planes or those sorts of things, but I do appreciate an exploding window.

For your money, this set gets you a rounded corner of Tony Stark’s mansion, with three windows looking outwards and a sort of white shell-shape roof. There’s a rotating computer station alongside a kitchen, presumably where the now-sober Tony Stark makes his health smoothies. Limes, kiwis and apples, preferably!

It’s a surprisingly cramped set, mirroring Lego’s preference to make their recent sets fairly tight and restrictive to free play. You can see the set above – it doesn’t fold out from that position, if you follow the building instructions. But within this space they do fit in a lot of little features, which helps. For one thing, various switches allow you to act out an attack on the mansion. You can blow up the Iron Man suit you get with this set by flicking a switch that pushes up the floor. Another switch lets you knock out the most prominent window.

Now, bear in mind that all these sets come with a comic that tells a story. The story is different to the plot of the movie, meaning the sets don’t spoil the film – but at the same time, they don’t reflect it. If you’re considering getting these for a friend who likes the films, see the film first! It might affect your decision.


I do so love a good interactive feature in my Lego sets, and you get a few here. That the set is cramped means that blowing up the Iron Man suit doesn’t have quite the impact it should, though. Everything else is well designed, though, and good fun. TOP TIP! The set comes with a goon who pilots the Mandarin’s helicopter, and I chose to pull his hair off in order to pretend he was James Badge Dale’s bald character from the film. That way you get a bonus figure, rather than a fairly basic goon figure! You can also put the hair back on and sit him at a Lego desk for HOURS AND HOURS, if you fancy recreating Rubicon in Lego.

There’s only one Iron Man suit in the set, meaning you need to buy another set including an Iron Man suit in order to complete the mansion. That’s a little shifty. Pepper Potts also looks a little generic – from what I can tell, the forthcoming Lois Lane present in the Man of Steel sets is her EXACT twin. This is by far the best of the Iron Man 3 sets though! If you get any of them, get this. It’s a fairly easy build, although I chose to take out a piece which hinges the two piece of floorboard together – it opens up the set and gives you more space.


Iron Man Vs The Mandarin: Ultimate Showdown gives you an Iron Man figure, another Mandarin figure, and a little battle kart thingy. This set is one of the ‘battle’ brands that Lego have introduced across their range, each of which feature a hero, a villain, and a device. Here the device is a small car which has flames firing from it, alongside those gosh-darling flick missiles once more. There’s barely anything to this set – and at the price it’s sold for, this is a fairly obvious rip-off. You can get the Iron Man figure from either of the other two sets, whilst Mandarin is in the Mansion set. There’s no reason to get this – it’s tiny, disappointing, boring, and with fairly limited use.

I mean, look at it! It’s itsy bitsy.


The final of the three sets is Extremis Sea Port Battle – this one’s a boat with Guy Pearce in it, along with Iron Man, War Machine, and a buoy you can blow up. The boat is one of the niftiest vehicles I’ve yet seen from lego, with a lovely green sheen to it. It also features superior flick missiles – you only have to push a lever to fire them, rather than flick ‘em with your finger.

Guy Pearce looks suitably grumpy, and it should be noted this vehicle fits into the Lego continuity more than it does the movie itself. You can open the front hatch to stick hostages or weapons inside, although that does make the set rattle when you move it. It’s a nice kit – the best, if you like boats, I guess – although the main draw here is War Machine.

This is the first time you get your hands on Rhodesy, and he comes with two facial expressions: sullen and angry. Two small pieces snap onto his back in order to form his cannon, and he has red lasers rather than Tony’s blue ones. He’s fairly adorable.

The Iron Man 3 Lego sets are pretty decent, all in all. If you buy the mansion and the boat, you have everything you need – an Iron Man, a Rescue, a War Machine, a Guy Pearce and a Mandarin. The sets take a satisfyingly long amount of time to put together, but without being fiddly or irritating. Once you see the movie, the replay value might diminish a little, but it’s clear Lego have already planned ahead – that’s why the toys don’t follow the continuity of the movie. Also, some of the characters glow in the dark. Yay! Shiny things!

Kick-Watcher: Michael Moreci on MINI COMICS INCLUDED

One of the ways many people stumbled onto their first comic was through the promotional comics that used to come bundled in with action figures. You know the ones – you buy a He-Man figure, and in the box comes a comic which shows him in action, fighting against all the other characters who coincidentally also have action figures available too.

Well, if you do remember those comics, then here’s a kickstarter for youMichael Moreci, Steve Seeley, and Tim Seeley’s MINI COMICS INCLUDED.

Mini Comics Included will be a set of six mini-comics, which replicate the sort of comics which used to come packaged in with action figures and board games. Each drawn by a different artist, with Moreci and the Seeleys writing all six issues. And if you pledge towards the project, you can get your hands not just on the comics – but also on action figures which have been custom made to go along with the comics.

I spoke to Michael Moreci about the project, and how it came into existence.

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Resurgent TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES among Toy of the Year winners

While we sort through our 600+ photos from Toy Fair, here’s the Toy of the Year winners, which includes both Lego’s girl-centric Friends line and Playmates’ Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles line, which we saw previewed yesterday. It’s huge and no doubt the Turtles are back— although now owned by Nickelodeon and not creators Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird. Still, it’s a property that has stood the test of time to become a true perennial for kids — if Michael Bay’s live-action version doesn’t somehow kill it again, that is.
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First Look Toy Fair 2013: My LIttle Pony, Star Wars Black, One Direction, Iron Man, etc

We’ll have captions in a bit but here’s a look at the Hasbro showroom some new stuff and classics and the biggest Transformer ever!

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Rhino rampages in Marvel Select

by Jean Sagendorph

Just in time to celebrate the Raimi-esque casting of Paul Giamatti as The Rhino in the next Spider-Man movie, Diamond Select Toys has released 9-inch Rhino action figure.

The Marvel Select action figure of classic Spider-Man villain the Rhino stands 9 inches tall, so he’ll tower over your other Marvel Select figures. He also features 16 points of articulation, so you can get him in all sorts of dynamic poses. Whether you want your Rhino charging, goring, punching, kicking, wrestling or grazing, this is the Rhino figure for you!  Check out these shots of the Rhino loose on the streets of New York and reserve your figure today at your local comic shop or favorite online retailer!

This photo shoot proves just how flexible this Rhino is and how at home the gritty city:







Must See: The 1992 X-Men Cartoon Intro in stop motion

Wow, come crazy nutters spent four months and 4000 photos to make this action figure stop motion recreation of the 1992 X-men cartoon’s opening. That bit where Logan morphs in Wolverine– TOTALLY BOSS. It’s the work of Kyle Roberts and Nathan Poppe, who have made several other stop motion intro sequences which you can see by following their YouTube link.

Random thought: If there had been no X-Men cartoon would there even be superhero comics now?

Last minute shopping advice: Hazarai!

Here’s a new social media/commerce site that has an interface geared at people who collect: Hazarai!. Let’s call it Etsy meets eBay for nerds—you can list stuff you want to sell with no fees. They also have a blog with such useful content as a holiday gift guide, a good interview with David Lloyd about Aces Weekly and a post where folks from Jeffrey Brown to Paul Pope talk about their most treasured collectibles.

Here’s an excerpt from the Lloyd interview:

DL:  I just asked.  One of the reasons why I’ve managed to get these guys and girls on board is that I said to them “You can do 21 pages of whatever you like.”  I say that because I know that’s one of the things that attracts people.  Creators rarely get asked that, they get asked by publishers “Oh, can you do Green Lantern, can you do this, we’d like you to do a new version of this” but they rarely get asked to do anything they like.  So that attracted people in a major way.  But I can’t honestly give you any other clues as to why people came on board with this other than they liked the idea, they liked the concept. We all express ourselves best when we have no limits to what we want to express.  It’s just beautiful, beautiful stuff.

If you’re looking to buy something geeky, poking around the main Hazarai! site should find something for the nerd on your list. Like who wouldn’t want earrings in the shape of Link’s fireshield from LEGEND OF ZELDA? No brainer!


Shopping list: Diamond to start carrying Tezuka merch

Tezuka Productions Logo.jpg
Diamond has announced that they have signed an agreement to distribute merchandise from Tezuka Productions — which means you can now get your Astro Boy, Jungle Emperor Leo and other vinyl, resin and apparel items.


“Tezuka Osamu often said that manga and animation were just like the international auxiliary language of Esperanto, which increases understanding of peoples around the world, “said Mr. Yoshihiro Shimizu, Tezuka Productions’ General Manager. “Now his words and stories can be more broadly known as TEZUKA and fans around the world can connect with and enjoy their beloved characters more easily. I take off my hat to the skilled Asian craftsmen who make such excellent Japanese pop-culture goods and encourage retailers and fans to obtain those products through the thousands of stores in Diamond

“Fans have enjoyed the stories of the many character creations of Tezuka for decades,” said John Parker, Diamond’s VP of Business Development. “Now, Diamond has collected the many products for Astro Boy, Black Jack, Kimba the White Lion, and the many others into a broad program that will satisfy those fans and collectors for many years. We are excited to bring the many products for these famous characters to the vast number of fans in countries outside Japan that have previously had only limited access to these national treasures.”

The Tezuka loot will be available in December’s Previews and here’s what you can hoard:
Astro Boy Plush.jpg

Imported from Japan! From Osamu Tezuka’s most famous creation, Astro Boy, comes this line of small plushes! Fans of Astro Boy can collect plushes of Atom, Uran, or Dr. Ochanomizu that feature designs based on Tezuka’s original artwork!
SRP: $29.99 each
Astro Boy Bank.jpg

Imported from Japan! Store your change in this money bank in the shape of Osamu Tezuka’s Astro Boy!
SRP: $29.99
Astro Boy Uran High End PVC.jpg

Imported from Japan! From Osamu Tezuka’s Astro Boy comes this high-end collectible PVC figure that depicts Uran and Pluto in battle!
SRP: $399.99

Imported from Japan! Another of Osamu Tezuka’s creations, Jungle Emperor Leo, will keep you company at night with this Leo Face Cushion! 
We’re in for that last one!

Uglydolls finally get their own graphic novel line from Viz

UglyDoll vol01
The long-running Uglydoll franchise, which was one of the pioneers of the whole “designer toy” category, are finally getting their own graphic novel line, which will be published by Viz as part of the Viz Kids imprint. The line will launch in summer 2013.

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Lego Batman Review: Dynamic Duo Funhouse Escape!

As an early Christmas present for my cousins, who live far away in the south, ugh, I decided to give their mum a break and buy them some Lego Batman. They’re both 7, which means they’re old enough to not eat the caped crusader, but young enough that it took them a good afternoon to assemble it. Lego have recently moved into franchised product, creating Star Wars Lego sets, Indiana Jones Lego sets, and even Lord of the Rings Lego sets (watch out, that was the sound of Heidi racing off to her local toy store).

The DC/Marvel ones were the most interesting as far as I’m concerned, though, because you’ve got to trick children into reading comics from as young an age as possible. After checking through the various different Batman sets on sale, I decided to buy them “The Dynamic Duo’s Funhouse Escape!”

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