Joyce Brabner is putting on a Comixcast from the Republican National Convention – and you can help


This year’s Republican National Convention (held July 18-21 in Cleveland) promises to be a spectacle of unsurpassed Marvels. Either it will be the greatest reality show episode of all time, as a TV pitchman is crowned with the nomination; or a Game of Thrones-style melee of cutthroat political intrigue that will leave the Grand Sept […]

Bruce Campbell, political fact checker


Folks, we’re in for a bumpy ride this year as increasingly partisan politics take over the news cycle. There is only one man who can save us from ignorance to set things straight, and it’s obviously Bruce Campbell. And he’s been drawn into the fray to refute a meme that’s going arond on pro-Donald Trump […]

Comic books show up at the White House with Marvel’s Sana Amanat and more


Sana Amanat of @Marvel introduces @POTUS at #WomensHistoryMonth Reception! — Valerie Jarrett (@vj44) March 16, 2016 Since it’s been a shitty week for representation in comics and in American society, this photo of Marvel’s Sana Amanat, Director of Content & Character Development, giving a copy of Ms Marvel to President Barack Obama at the White House’s […]

Mitch O’Connell’s Donald Trump/They Live t-shirt may be more popular today


Artist Mitch O’Connell originally put the above t-shirt design on sale back in September when it seemed more like a funny, funny joke. But now that Donald Trump is poised to become an actual presidential candidate who represents all the trash-talking, bigoted, gold-plated bullying aspects of American society, maybe it’s not quite as funny? In […]

Report: Marvel CEO Isaac Perlmutter once fished a paper clip out of a trash basket


There was some drama and soul searching last week when it was revealed that Isaac and Laura Perlmutter had donated a cool $1 million dollars to Donald Trump’s mysterious veterans fundraiser. This was problematic because Perlmutter is Marvel’s CEO and Donald Trump is a racist, sexist demagogue who thinks Muslim people shouldn’t be allowed into […]

In the spirit of giving, Marvel CEO Ike Perlmutter donates $1 million to Donald Trump fundraiser


Last night, as you may have heard, Donald Trump showed how he was the toughest guy on the planet, who can stand up to Putin and Kim Jong Il, by running away from Megyn Kelly, the world’s most terrifying person. Instead of being grilled by Fox personnel on the GOP debate, Trump launched his own, […]

FIght! Ted Cruz vs Ann Telnaes


This presidential campaign seems to be all about optics so here’s a good one. Although there is a loose prohibition against involving the kids of presidential aspirants in campaign mudslinging, it sometimes slips when someone in the party you don’t like does something stupid. In this case Ted Cruz put his two daughters (ages 5 […]

Democratic Presidential Candidate Jim Webb’s Off Color Joke has a Superheroic Backstory

Senate candidate Jim Webb,D-Va., addresses his supporters after watching election day results in Vienna, Va., Wednesday, Nov. 8, 2006. (AP Photo/Haraz N. Ghanbari)

Yeah yeah, we’re not a political news site, but we at Comics Beat strongly feel like you’ll be interested in hearing this.  During last night’s first Presidential Democratic Primary Debate on CNN, party front runners Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders faced off against a couple of underdogs including former Virginia senator Jim Webb.  When moderator […]

Nice Art: Michael Cavna quick sketches the GOP Debate


In case you couldn’t stomach five hours of GOP presidential candidates sniping at each other while competing to see who could do more to cut access to health care for women, Michael Cavna was doing some quick sketches for Twitter. Cavna—best known for his wonderful Comic Riffs column at the Washington Post—is no Jane Rosenberg, […]