Bob Kane and Neil Gaiman Among Winners at Worldcon 2016!

2016 hugo

Last weekend,  MidAmeriCon II hosted the 2016 Worldcon, the 74th World Science Fiction Convention. Every year, the big gala is the Hugo Awards banquet. What makes the Hugos different from other awards is that it is voted on by fans, specifically those who have purchased memberships to Worldcon. The members vote on the nominees, usually receive […]

Iowa State Fair 2016: Farm Con Ends After Eleven Days of Fun for Everyone (even Steven Tyler)!


With over a million turnstile visitors, the 2016 Iowa State Fair concluded eleven days of amazing, unbelievable, outrageous fun that is so incredible, it’s on many travelers’ bucket lists! Food on a stick. Grandstand performances. Animal judging. Food judging. People judging (talent show, twins, triplets, hair…) But the really GEEKY competitions can be found here! […]

In Iowa, “Comic Con” is known as “The Iowa State Fair”

The World Famous Butter Cow by Sculptor Sarah Pratt.  Image courtesy of the Iowa State Fair.

It’s listed in 1000 Places To Visit Before You Die (the international version). It offers a variety of gastronomic “gastrocities” and many local delights. Over a million people attend over eleven days in August. There’s the Midway, Grandstand, campgrounds (no hotelween here, nosiree!), and numerous displays, competitions, and other distractions. It is the Iowa State Fair, and […]

SDCC’16: Watchtower Roundup: Slouching Towards Gomorrah, We Stop and Pick Up Swag


Okay… we’re straightening up here at the Undisclosed Location in Brooklyn (where I spent the weekend dog/house sitting… mmmm…. air conditioning…), and here are the remnants of reports from Comic-Con. It’s been a crazy five days, with lots of Zeitgeists in the air, but we’ll leave that to our crack ground crew who surfed the panel […]

SDCC’16: Disney Announces the First Marvel Ride in California!

GOTGI Disneyland

With the announcement of Star Wars Land last year at the D23 Expo, fans have been wondering… When will Disney start adding new attractions featuring Marvel’s popular characters to their theme parks? Unlike Disney World, Disneyland is not constrained by Universal’s contract with Marvel regarding their Islands of Adventure rides and exclusive use of certain characters. Disneyland […]

SDCC’16: Watchtower Saturday: Hollywood Goes South, as Marvel Battles DC for the Hearts and Dollars of Fans

Saturday? Sunday? We’re headed to the finish line, with the Dead Dog Party on the horizon! We’ll have more posts today, tomorrow, and the next week. For now, here are the highlights from Saturday, and lots of pictures! Enjoy! Who won the battle of the fans Saturday? Marvel or DC? Marvel v DC: Who Walked […]

SDCC’16: Warner Brothers Offers A Record 18 Different Official Comic-Con Bags!


For the seventh year in a row, Warner Brothers once again has the official bags for Comic-Con International! Over 135,000 bags have been produced in 18 designs, including two “mystery” designs for Suicide Squad and Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.  Each bag has a flap which features a unique design, with a second graphic beneath. Secret content […]

SDCC’16: Watchtower Friday: Eisners, Celebrities, and the Usual Suspects

 Is this Saturday? Friday? Do I account for the time zone shift?  Do I only look at stuff from Friday, or from Noon, when I started this column? Are you even reading this? Whatever… here are the highlights, discovered via Google News: Comic Con gives a big boost to San Diego each year, data shows […]