Suffragette Lady: An Interview with Kate Charlesworth


On International Workers’ Day, the 1st of May, Jonathan Cape published Sally Heathcote, Suffragette, the second graphic novel written by Mary Talbot, a semi-fictionalised history of the Women’s Suffrage movement in Britain, and a really well researched and gripping piece of work, in my opinion, and should be read by everyone, everywhere, as it is […]

The Hermit of Shooters Hill – An Interview with Steve Moore, Part 2

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Here’s the second part of my interview with Steve Moore, with more to follow. The first part can be found here, along with some explanation of how the interview came about. PÓM: Did you go to many SF cons? SM: Only two or three, I think … at least, that’s all I remember! They were […]

Electricomics: Alan Moore Reinvents Comics. Again.

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Alan Moore, Writer, along with Leah Moore, Editor Anything that has the tagline ‘Not so much pushing the envelope of comicbook storytelling as folding it up to make a nice hat‘ just shouts Alan Moore, doesn’t it? But there’s no point my trying to tell you what it’s all about where there’s a handy press […]

Interview: Hayley Campbell on Her New Neil Gaiman Book and the Strange Things in His Attic


On Tuesday the 20th of May Harper Design publish The Art of Neil Gaiman, written by Hayley Campbell. (The book was originally commissioned by Ilex Press on this side of the Atlantic, but we won’t see it until July, not that we’re in any way bitter, you understand.) Effectively, this is a companion volume to […]

The Hermit of Shooters Hill – An Interview with Steve Moore, Part 1

Steve apologizes CU

On the 26th of August 2013 I started doing a very long biographical interview with Steve Moore (as mentioned in my earlier post, Steve Moore 1949 – 2014: A Personal Appreciation). The plan was that it would take as long as it would take, and then we’d spend a bit more time fiddling about with […]

In Praise of Peter Hogan’s Tom Strong


Of all the characters in Alan Moore’s America’s Best Comics titles, Tom Strong has proved the most durable, once Moore himself gave up writing for the imprint in 2006. TOP 10, more or less a Hill-Street-Blues-with-superpowers cop series, had a couple of attempts at following on after Moore, which never really found their audience; PROMETHEA […]

The Alan Moore/Marvelman Interview: Part III: “I Definitely Wanted My Name Taken Off It”


This is the third and final part of a three-part interview I did with Alan Moore in October 2010 about Marvelman, and indeed Miracleman, and his experiences with that character. The first two parts are here: PART I, PART II. As ever, anything in [square brackets] is added by me, just prior to publishing this […]

The Alan Moore/Marvelman Interview Part II: A Crumpled Letter from Archie Goodwin


The second of three parts of a telephone interview I did with Alan Moore in October 2010 about Marvelman and his later incarnation, Miracleman. The first part is here, if you haven’t already seen it. The bits in [square brackets] are later clarifications added by me in the last few days. Pádraig Ó Méalóid: I […]