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Comics legend Alex Niño has a book coming out from Image this September called DEAD AHEAD, and it’s described as “Dawn of the Dead on a cruise ship.” The rest of the team includes writers Mel Smith and Clark Castillo, colorist Moose Baumann and letterers Tom Orzechowski and Lois Buhalis. The cover is above and athe first page below. Click for a larger image.
Dead 1


  1. says

    Nino looks absolutely amazing on this, and Moose is keeping the colors suitably queasy. Lois is the letterer on it, though. I’m advising but she’s the one running riot.

  2. says

    Nino’s got such a great style! Manuel Auad is also putting out a book on Alex Nino, The Art of Alex Nino, due this August. He’s hoping to have an advance copy at Comic-Con.

  3. says

    Beautiful work as always, Nino never disappoints! His Satan’s Tears book is one of the most inspiring art books ever published. Looking forward to the next collected works.

  4. Evan says

    I was on the fence with this mini waiting to see what the art looked like.

    Easily pre-ordered now.

  5. mel smith says

    Alex and I are very thankful everyone is enjoying the teasers for the comic but I wanted to mention Alex has an uber cool t shirt coming out in September as well from Graphitti Design that will be to die for (no pun intended)

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