A stupid question

Whatever happened to Dick Hyacinth’s year-end survey survey?


  1. Synsidar says:

    An 01/06/09 installment of his “Best of 2008″ meta-list is here.


  2. man, I have been waiting for it too! I’ve used his past lists as the be-all, end-all, essential barometer of what I absolutely HAVE to read each year. Lazy, I know, but I do appreciate the hard work that others put in, especially Dick, to allow me to click on a webpage and figure out exactly what I’ve missed from a whole year’s worth of comics.

  3. The better question would be, what happened to Dick Hyacinth in general? He hasn’t updated in a dog’s age.

  4. I’ve been wondering that myself. I hope everything’s all right with him

  5. Tom Spurgeon says:

    What are they doing in the Hyacinth house?

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