A 320 page version of Richard McGuire’s Here is coming this fall


Richard McGuire’s Here is a comics story originally published in RAW Magazine that used the comics form to dizzying effect, jumping from the dawn of time to the end of time using one specific location. It’s been anthologized many times, but but Random House is giving us all the HEre we could want with this fall an expanded 320 page edition of the book. that promises to be even more dizzying and amazing. he cover was released a little while ago.

McGuire is a multitalented artist and musician whose comics are few but powerful. This just went to the top of the fall reading list.


  1. Tom Spurgeon says

    it’s amazing that we both thought of this book a day or so apart when it’s been listed for weeks and weeks

  2. says

    Wait, so I shouldn’t have spotlighted this amazing graphic novel because it was mentioned elsewhere? Did I break some rule? I saw people talking about this on Twitter and put up the cover. Sorry but I think this site and every site needs MORE RICHARD MCGUIRE NOT LESS.

    Also, Tom, people were talking about this following BEA. Group mind, nothing original, blah blah blah.

  3. Aaron Humphrey says

    I can’t wait for this! The short version of HERE is mind-enlarging stuff … if McGuire can sustain that kind of genius over 320 pages, this book will be an instant classic.

  4. David Beard says

    Wouldn’t a lot of book announcement news overlap the week after the convention?

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