The week in women: do we write about gender issues too much?


I had about 20 posts in various stages on gender issues this week…let’s put them all into one big roil, complete with shocking personal confessions: § Villain Month is for boys: When the New 52 rolled out two years ago (!?!) it was pointed out that there was a lone female creator: inker Sandra Hope. […]

Quick Review: Deep in the Woods (with teenage girls)


Deep in the Woods by Noah van Sciver, Nic Breutzman You might  remember Deep in the Woods from it’s modest Kickstarter campaign late last year, of which I’m glad I was a backer.  One of the things I’m really interested in seeing in comics is experimentation with format, so when 2D Cloud put out a […]

Marvel’s Next Big Thing – Mighty Avengers from Al Ewing and Greg Land


Marvel got on the dog and bone again today, for a conference call around the comics internet – CBR, Newsarama, John Siuntres and others. I was in on the call too, ready to hear all about the new ‘Mighty’ series Marvel have planned for later this year. A team book led by Luke Cage and […]

And more sales charts: BookScan’s Top 20 Graphic Novels in May


ICv2 has posted the sales rankings for Bookscan’s Top 20 Graphic Novels for the month of May. ICv2 notes that The Walking Dead has cooled a bit, with the show off the air for the summer, with Naruto, of all things, taking back the top spot. Sailor Moon, the Twilight manga, and Black Bird and […]

Weekly Amazon Graphic Novels Sales Chart: Jeffrey Brown’s Little Princess rules


by Dave Carter [Complete chart available here] Here are the Top 50 Comics & Graphic Novels on Amazon Friday morning. See About the Amazon Top 50 Lists for more information on how this list is compiled. 1 (-). Vader’s Little Princess 2 (-). Darth Vader and Son 3 (+9). The Walking Dead, Vol. 18: What […]

Marvel leads again in May as sales are up in double digits


The lady X-Men led the single issue sales charts for May, while kids comics made a strong showing on the graphic novel chart, with Adventure Time or My Little Pony coming in at 1, 5 and 7. Superman charted with the paperback versions of Earth One V.1 and Action Aomics V.1. The Walking Dead and Saga both had strong backlist showings.

Preview: The Art of Sean Phillips


English artist Sean Phillips is perhaps best known for his marvelous collaborations with Ed Brubaker like Fatale and Criminal, but he’s a general MVP of comics with atmospheric, exciting art in every genre. And in October Dynamite is putting out THE ART OF SEAN PHILLIPS, a 312 page hardcover by Phillips and Eddie Robson, with […]

The Hulk statue, the library and the miracle


Okay, so there was this library in Illinois that got the idea to build a 9-foot tall statue of The Hulk out front. As you do. In order to accomplish this, The Northlake Public Library, led by mastermind librarian Tom Mukite, started an Indiegogo campaign to raise the cash. They sought $30,000 but have only raised […]

Webcomic alert: Rat Park


In the 80s a famous experiment was conducted into the roots of drug addiction using rats. Previous experiments had shown that rats left in cages would becoming hopelessly addicted to drugs, hitting them again and again until they died. But was the isolation of the cages part of the road to addiction? Researchers built “Rat […]

To do: HeroesCon in Charlotte, NC


HeroesCon is kicking off today in Charlotte, and those of you already on the scene are already having a good time, for sure. This year, as with everything “comic con” HeroesCon has gotten bigger and stronger: the show floor has DOUBLED in size from 100,000 to 200,000 square feet. The local newspaper has a general preview with a few more facts and figures:

Kibbles ‘n’ Bits 6/7/2013: CAFs and Cons


§ When we were rounding up the CAFs the other day we forgot about ELCAF the London Comic Arts Festival. I dunno what this stunning piece by Takayo Akiyama has to do with it, but I’m sold. I had a bit of a twitter discussion t’other day about how we’re developing a two-pronged events culture: […]

The Phoenix Presents: Zak Simmonds-Hurn on Simon Swift!


Every Friday, Stately Beat Mansion invites round a comic creator or two for a cup of tea, complementary Kit Kat, and a chat about their work in The Phoenix. The Phoenix is a UK series which features a range of the best all-ages comics available, from all kinds of wonderful creators – all compiled into a […]