On The Scene: The Black Comic Book Festival 2013


The first ever Black Comic Book Festival was held on Saturday January 12, 2013 at The Schomburg Center For Research in Black Culture, located in the heart of Harlem in New York City. The festival, which was presented by The Schomburg Junior Scholars and Dr. Jonathan Gayles, celebrates artists, writers, and fictional characters of African descent. Although I have passed by before, this event was my first introduction to the Schomburg Center which is a part of the New York Library. The show was free and open to anyone.


How to stonewall: AMC head on Mazzara exit


With two showrunners in three years making The Walking Dead a revolving door for producers, you might think AMC Networks CEO Josh Sapan might have some observations on why that particular job eats ’em up and spits ’em out. but no. Instead, he delivers a brilliant demonstration of how to Shut. It. Down. when quizzed […]


John Byrne’s Happy Space Toilet


For those who don’t herd sacred cows, Tucker Stone’s weekly comcis reviews at TCJ are always worth a read, but especially because you might miss things like him highlighting a panel of a happy space toilet from a recent issue of THE HIGH WAYS by John Byrne.


Warren Ellis returns to Comics for ‘Scatterlands’ with Jason Howard


Well, he’s not been away really. He did a one page story with the brilliant Tula Lotay for Thought Bubble’s 2012 anthology, for one thing. But he certainly hasn’t had a major project in quite a while, that’s for sure — and now his novel The Gun Machine is completed, it looks like Warren Ellis […]


Kick-Watcher: Frogman, The Whole Story and Inkd


I know that’s the weirdest group of projects to put in one headline but I think it says a lot about the amount of variety that Kickstarter can offer.