Well, he’s not been away really. He did a one page story with the brilliant Tula Lotay for Thought Bubble’s 2012 anthology, for one thing. But he certainly hasn’t had a major project in quite a while, that’s for sure — and now his novel The Gun Machine is completed, it looks like Warren Ellis is coming back to comics for a new story called Scatterlands.


Jason Howard, currently working on Image’s very much under-appreciated Super Dinosaur series (try it!!), will be drawing the story. Ongoing series? Original graphic novel? Given that no publisher is listed here, this may well be a new webcomic, running in the style of Freakangels.

Who knows. For the moment all we have is this enigmatic teaser image. So let’s stare at it intently, in the hopes that perhaps some inner secret will reveal itself to us.

Knowing Ellis’ fans, I bet one of you will probably do just that. To Whitechapel!


  1. My usual response to new Ellis projects:

    If there’s a print version, I’m certainly buying it, but would you just finish getting all your research back from your last computer crash and get back to Anna Mercury 2 and Doktor Sleepless?????????

  2. Yeah, don’t forget newuniversal and Desolation Jones. I think I’ve learned my lesson and I’ll trade-wait his work.

  3. Ellis has said both newuniversal and Desolation Jones are dead and will never be finished. Marvel basically lost interest in him going back to it after his computer crash.

    And with Hickman supposedly using the characters in New Avengers, they really don’t need Ellis’s story anymore.

    But he still says he’ll finish the Avatar books. He’s been saying it for years now with nothing ever happening but he still says it nevertheless.

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