Preview: Princeless 2: Wanted


Princeless was a runaway hit for new-ish indie publisher, Action Lab Comics, this year. The sassy fairy tale comic about a disgruntled princess who chooses running away with the aid of a sympathetic dragon over an endless line of boring suitors forced on her by her royal pain in the a*s parents nabbed two 2012 […]

New message from Image Publisher Eric Stephenson re second printings: “We listen to you.”


Well, all week there have been ruffled feathers from retailers following a rather blunt email from Image marketing director Jennifer de Guzman that suggested that second printing of proven sellers were not in the offing. You can read the statement below, retailer ruffled feathers here and some Image creators explaining the thinking in this Robot […]

INTERVIEW: Al Kennedy from the House to Astonish podcast!


Comic book podcasting has become more and more popular over the years, but House To Astonish remains the one to beat. Hosted by Paul O’Brien (hey, that name’s familiar) and Al Kennedy, the fortnightly show is a funny, insightful look at the current top comic books and the world around them. As part of their […]

Non-Japanese cartoonists exhibit at the Kaigai Manga Festa


First off…congrats to cartooners Abby Denson and Matt Loux who tied the knot not long ago. And then celebrated with a honeymoon in Japan that including exhibiting at the Kaigai Manga Festa. Denson has a report on the event, which was part of the bigger Comitia show. It was also the first Japanese comics show […]

More numbers: Ebook sales projection for 2012


For you number-lovers out there, and we know you are out there, here’s something a bit more speculative but still interesting. Retailer Matt Blind has used his very own arcane logarithm to calculate approximate Ebook sales numbers by dollars for the last few years. And here’s his chart, clickee for biggee. (Methodology is in the […]

Want some numbers? YouTube channel ratings


It has somehow escaped our attention until this very moment that Deadline has been running ratings charts for all those YouTube channels that have been launching for the past year. Here’s the latest one. While Warner Music’s The Warner Sound was #1 with more than 7 million views, other channels we’ve mentioned here showed up […]