Ray Zone: RIP


I am sad to report that Ray Zone, known as the master of 3D comics for more than 30 years, passed away on Tuesday: Ray passed away on Tuesday at his home in Los Angeles. He leaves a long legacy as an author, publisher, historian, photographer, filmmaker and artist. A longtime advocate of stereography as […]

SpumCo comics are back from Yoe and IDW


In the early 90s, nothing was cooler than Ren and Stimpy, John Krisfaluci’s transgressive cartoon about mudskippers and nose goblins. And the space madness spilled over into comics with THE COMIC BOOK an oversized, newsprint comics anthology of comics by the many talented artists ar SpumCo the production company that put out R&W. Now, courtesy […]

Nice Art: The Best Birthday Comic Ever by Gregory Benton


As a birthday wish, this blast from the past from the pages of long ago Disney Adventures Magazine by cartoonist Gregory Benton. AWESOME. Greg has been posting a few comics on his recently revamped website, but has concentrated mostly on fine art in the years since this comic was done. It’s time for Greg Benton’s […]

TRIP CITY at One Year: From Seth Kushner’s Male Uterus


TRIP CITY at one year old is quite a verbal-visual-aural beast containing over 600 items of content including comics, podcasts, essays, stories, poems, and all points in between. Where does a massively productive digital arts salon go from here? This anniversary week, co-founders Chris Miskiewicz and Jeffrey Burandt have talked to us about their digital […]

Paul Cornell and Alan Davis SNIKT it up


Boy oh boy, Marvel are everywhere with teasers and phone calls and events and solicitations at the moment. Keep up, everyone else! Their newest teaser reveals that the prodigal son of the X-Men has returned, as Paul Cornell comes back to Marvel for some kind of Wolverine (or Daken! Or X-23! Or Erista, Wolverine’s secret […]