TRIP CITY at One Year: The Shock of the New


Disclaimer: this journalist is one of the newest additions to the TRIP CITY collective. When I first heard the name TRIP CITY, since I have lyrical turn of mind, it fired my imagination. A digital city? What might that entail? When I first visited the TRIP CITY website, I found what seemed to be a […]

Kick-Watcher: Joe Caramagna and Scott Koblish’s Wyatt Earp


You may remember Joe Caramagna dropping numerous hints over the past few weeks that he had a secret project in the works, a comic he would be writing at some point in future. Well! The project has been revealed as being The Further Travels of Wyatt Earp, a digital comic series about the life and times of the gunslinger. Written […]

DC scaling back variants as sales setting records


DC’s sales experts Bob Wayne and John Cunningham have gone off on their monthly round of website chat, and things didn’t go well at Newsarama, where usually affable Vaneta Rogers somehow raised ire with hypothetical questions such as why wouldn’t they publish an ongoing series based on the Sandman canon of of Death/The Endless, etc […]

Enough with the faux “fake geek girl’ outrage already


Outrage erupted on Twitter and Facebook over the weekend when writer/journalist Dirk Manning posted a still from Ted with an “anti fake geek girl” message on it implying that fake geek girls were whores. Image marketing manager Jennifer De Guzman took exception, and writer Mariah Huehner and other first responders of Twitter also made their […]