Coming Attractions: September 2012: Diamond Book Distributors

______________________________________________________________ Here are some interesting titles from publishers distributed by Diamond Book Distributors, expected to ship in September 2012.  (All information is tentative.) Source PDF available here.  (It also lists prose books and games.) These are the titles I found interesting.  The ones with covers are the most interesting.

Coming Attractions: September 2012: Small Press

______________________________________________________________ Here are the small press graphic novels and related books due for September.  (According to Books In Print.  Data is always subject to change.) What’s “small press”?  Anything not published by a booktrade graphic novel publisher (such as Macmillan or Abrams) or by a major comics publisher (such as Dark Horse or Image).  Below […]

Baltimore Comic-Con kicks off today

The Baltimore Comic-Con is taking place today and tomorrow at the Baltimore Convention Center. Always one of the friendliest and enjoyable regional shows of the year, this edition has the added excitement of Yankee/Oriole division rivalry heating up the streets. This year is headlined by Stan Lee and tonight’s Harvey Awards, but other guests include […]