TCAF bound!

Are we the last possible person to link to Michael DeForge’s poster for this Saturday’s Doug Wright Awards? Possibly. It’s also a reminder that we’ll be at TCAF this weekend! First time and we couldn’t be more excited! The webste has all the debuts, guests, party poop, programming and other info you could possibly need, so we’ll just direct you there for everything except to note that we’ll be moderating this panel on Saturday at The Pilot:

Tokyopop is sorta back with Hetalia: Axis Powers

After hinting at it on their Facebook page for a while, Tokyopop’s surviving member, Stuart Levy, announced a little wee return…as a licensing entity, anyway. The Right Stuff, in conjunction with Genosha Comics, will republish three volumes of Himaruya Hidekaz‘s HETALIA: AXIS POWERS, including the first two—which came out from Toykopop before it imploded last year—and the never-before-in-English third book, which was in production when Tpop went away.