DiDio and Lee speak on Roberson, Before Watchmen, etc: here's that spade to dig your hole a little deeper

This weekend at the LA Times Book Festival, Dan DiDio and Jim Lee appeared on a panel, moderated by Geoff Boucher and in a press roundtable beforehand, to talk about BEFORE WATCHMEN. The Beat’s own Shannon O’Leary has a nice, succinct report on their comments here at PW, and from what we understand, she asked some of the tough questions of the pair. So for those of you wondering when the eager “Will the Comedian be raping many people?” fan questions at events like C2E2 would stop, the DC brass have been faced with actual questions.

Before Watchmen and New 52 Wave Two art revealed: is it really a leak when someone holds the notebook open?

Last week, BuzzFeed, the hugely popular “viral” media site, went on a photo tour of DC’s offices, including a slideshow that we now can’t find that included shots of publicity VP David Hyde’s office. Which was ironic, since early last week it was announced Hyde was leaving DC.

Well apparently, while on that tour someone held open the ultra-secret notebook of Watchmen art, which was handcuffed to Bob Wayne’s wrist at the retailer summit week before last.