DC Comics Month-to-Month Sales: February 2012

Although DC’s “New 52” relaunch was well past its prime in February, sales were still good enough for the publisher to take the Top 10 slots on the Diamond Top 300 chart again, for the second month in a row. The average “New 52” title dropped by 7.6% in February, which is in line with January’s 7.4% drop and suggests that, while the bigger drops seem behind us, the numbers haven’t quite found their level yet, either.

The average DC Universe title now sells fewer copies again than it did two years ago (34,456 vs. 35,895), but then again, the company’s main imprint had 20 more titles on sale this time around: In February 2010, it was 47; in February 2012, it’s 67. On balance, consequently, DC is still selling a lot more superhero comics than it has in most months in the last 10 years. In the 108 months since March 2003 we have comparable data on, February 2012 is only No. 71 in terms of average DC Universe sales, but it’s still No. 17 in total DC Universe unit sales (2.3 million) and No. 20 in total DC Universe dollar sales ($7.3 million).

Looking at the individual “New 52” books, meanwhile, we’re once again getting a mixed picture. The top-selling books mostly continue to be very stable, but the farther down the chart you go, the steeper the decline. There were 14 “New 52” books selling below 20K in February (up from 10 in January) and 21 selling below 25K (up from 19).

EXCLUSIVE: All the C2E2 Programming in one document

Speaking of C2E2, the website uses a particular kind of format so you can search for programming…but can’t see it all in one place, which makes it hard to see who’s who on what panel until you get there and get the program. The organizers have graciously given us the whole document, so you can see if one of your favorite creators or entertainers is appearing on a panel and at what time: