WALKING DEAD and Terry Moore crossover

Huh, well, this is innovative. It seems Katchoo will turn into a zombie and Francine will have to hunt her down.

No, that isn’t it.


Warren's Pantha Returns in New Series From Dynamite

Vampirella wasn’t the only reoccurring character from the old Warren comic magazines. One of the supporting characters in Vampirella was the shape shifting Pantha. In June, Pantha will be spinning off into her own book, written by Brandon Jerwa (G.I. Joe, the Shield) and illustrated by Pow Rodrix (Justice League).


INTERVIEW: Brian K. Vaughan on SAGA, LOST, Twitter and more

[Although one of the best selling comics authors of the past decade, Brian K. Vaughan keeps a low profile—you won’t find him writing in his blog or posting previews on his social media platform of choice. He also tends to take big breaks from the comics format to concentrate on his high profile film and TV work. But that was until this week’s debut issue of SAGA came out. Already creating buzz and selling out, the collaboration with Fiona Staples is one of a several prominent new comics this year featuring creators moving from the Big Two to the creator-owned experience. And Vaughan has been making the interview and show rounds because that’s how you sell comics in this day and age.

He might not even need it. The early reviews are stunningly positive. This interview was conducted a few months ago, just as the book was being solicited, and since we hadn’t talked in a while, it was a chance to catch up on a few other matters, as you’ll see.]


New Alan Moore barbaric yawp: two wrongs don't make a right

A new Alan Moore interview, a new round of controversy! This time it’s a 90-minute chat with Seraphemera Magazine that reveals Moore’s feelings on BEFORE WATCHMEN—he doesn’t like it—their creative teams—uncreative—and so on. He also addresses the “Moore Hypocrisy” with which fans love to cut him down to size: if touching the Watchmen is so bad how come you can write LEAGUE OF EXTRAORDINARY GENTLEMEN? Yeah, answer that, big boy!


What's behind DC's new website?

When DC rolled out its website, we remarked on how much of a West Coast DC project this was. Although we were just guessing, here’s an interview with VP of Interactive Marketing Jason James talking about the new website. Fan reaction has been a bit unkind, but then…when isn’t it? And yet, the goal is to engage, engage, engage.


Coming Attractions: DC Comics: More 2012 Titles!