Jason's I KILLED ADOLF HITLER optioned for a movie

We’ve never been able to hide our adoration of Jason’s time travel tale I KILLED ADOLF HITLER, and we’re far from alone in this regard. Fantagraphics has just announced that Studio Eight in association with Up Country Productions has optioned the film rights to the book.

Jamie and Alex Brown of Studio Eight have previously produced LAND OF THE BLIND and CAPTURED. They’ve tapped screenwriter D.C. Walker of Up Country Productions for the script.

Buckley and Quesada speak on Marvel's side of the Gary Friedrich matter — UPDATE

Well, speak of the devil. As we posted only a few hours ago, Marvel is in a very vulnerable PR position on the Gary Friedrich matter…so much so that they have sent both CCO Joe Quesada and publisher Dan Buckley to clarify and soothe at Comic Book Resources. As they point out, the matter is still under litigation and a settlement is being negotiated. Buckley and Quesada do a good job of trying to handle the negatives—they’re pros—especially with this:

Chatting With Elliott Serrano: The New Army of Darkness Series, Bruce Campbell,

Army of Darkness (as in Evil Dead) returns to the world of comics today with a new first issue. We caught up with Army of Darkness writer Elliott Serrano (who likes to pretend he’s a mild mannered reporter for a great metropolitan newspaper as the “Geek To Me” columnist at the Chicago Tribune’s Redeye) to talk about Ash, Bruce Campbell and the new series.