First look at Darwyn Cooke's WATCHMEN

Via Fast Company, of all places…

So this is going to be the Minutemen Frontier? No surprise there. And, of course, it does look great.


Jhonen Vasquez comes to DC Comics

Dropped into this little item about BEYOND THE FRINGE, a digital tie-in to the popular TV show, is the news that Jhonen Vasquez, the incredibly popular creator of Johnny the Homicidal Maniac, will be doing some digital comics for DC, along with Becky Cloonan. SWEET.


Unpossible? No: Ralph Wiggum gets his own comic

Not only is it the Simpsons’ 500th episode this weekend

Not only did creator Matt Groening get his star on the Walk of Fame today

But RALPH WIGGUM is getting his own comic book later this month.


The Diamond Comic Reader – Now Digital Really Is a Distribution War

Digital comic downloads are a bit of a strange market. (Note: I’m talking about paid/legal downloads.) The big thrust, thus far, has been the battle of proprietary formats. Comixology has their own format. iVerse has a format. has a format. Apple has a format. Amazon has a format. If you’re from New Jersey, you’ll probably want to tell me my mother has a format. Well, as of the ComicsPro meeting, the focus has changed a little, because now Diamond officially has a comics app.


Kibbles 'n' Bits, 2/14/12

How one cartoonist uses Evernote to stay organized…and more!


RIP: John Severin

Hall of Fame artist John Severin, one of the last of the legendary EC artists, has died at age 90. Severin—whose sister Marie was also a famed artist and colorist for Marvel—was among the greatest draftsmen of the EC crew. He was especially well known for his Western comics, which were meticulously researched and elegant in their line.

In recent years he had continued to work, notably on THE RAWHIDE KID in 2003, a controversial gay western; he also worked on THE PUNISHER and B.P.R.D.


Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

Hope you are all spending it with someone you love.


Watch Episode 1 of Comic Book Men right here–if you dare

After debuting to encouraging ratings, the entire first episode of Kevin Smith’s Comic Book Men reality show is now streaming, so you can catch up with all the inaction you missed.