Beat Exclusive: Preview of Captain Victory #3

Submitted for your perusal: pages 1-6 and 9-10 of tomorrow’s Captain Victory#3 from Dynamite. Available at a comic shop near you.

The one comic book movie you MUST see: CARTOON COLLEGE

AMC, History Channel, Spike—every TV network that ever wanted to do a “Comic Book Idol” TV show—here is the comic book life captured in its most primal and dramatic: people arguing about cover design in front of over stuffed bookcases and furnishing mingled from antiques and plastic storage boxes from Target. Yes, this is the life.

Studio Coffee Run: Game of Thrones, Bane's mumble mask, Governor casting, etc.

Hollywood never sleeps; that’s why they need their daily coffee run.

Indie Month-to-Month Sales — December 2011

By Paul Mellerick

Walking Dead, Buffy and TMNT again dominate, but a rare appearance of Aspen’s Lady Mechanika is the third best-selling indie book this month. Dark Horse and Dynamite have a couple of promising launches, but apart from them it’s mostly downhill for the rest of the chart. If you ever wanted an indie charts drinking game, try taking a shot everytime I say drop or dropping, you’ll be smashed before you’re halfway through.

126 indie books charted this month, slightly up on last month with less Marvel or DC books charting this month. The bottom book sold 3,105, way lower than last month’s 4,330. In total those books sold approximately 1,067,927, a bit down from last month’s 1,099,699 with more titles. Average sales are 8,475 per book, down from last month’s 8,940. As usual, UK and European sales from Diamond UK are not reported in this chart.

DC Shuffles Writers On Justice League Dark, Frankenstein: Agent of S.H.A.D.E. and Stormwatch

You knew you couldn’t go much more than two weeks without DC shuffling creative teams on the not-as-new 52. This time, it really is more of a shuffle than wholesale replacements, though, as three books get a new writer and DC’s announcing things a little further out.

Vertigo announces trades for Sept.-Dec., including two originals

DC has released it’s book schedule for Vertigo for the fall, including two originals, one yet to be announced


— THE PRINCE OF CATS by Ron Wimberly. Judging by his tumblr for the project, it an updated take on Shakespeare’s ROMEO AND JULIET starring Tybalt.

Gaiman: "Every time I would run into Todd in a courtroom he looked a little more sad."

Neil Gaiman took his victory lap after the settlement in his lawsuit against Todd McFarlane with comments to the Washington Post’s Michael Cavna, talking about the copyright precedents set by all the various rulings over the years.

Image Expo adds Brubaker

The first ever Image Expo is shaping up for the end of next month with the addition of Ed Brubaker, whose FATALE recently launched and has sold out. This is really looking like a zeitgeisty kind of show — Image is scooping up formerly exclusive mainstream writers like a rescue boat in the North Sea, and the lineup of guests includes many with passionate followings.

And so it ends: Gaiman and McFarlane finally settle epic Spawn lawsuit

An epic battle of two of comicdom’s most successful figures that lasted more than 10 years has ended, not even with a whimper but a settlement, as Neil Gaiman and Todd McFarlane have at long last agreed on how to share the rights to characters and stories Gaiman created for McFarlane’s Spawn comic.

Warren Ellis and Sam Henderson on Monkeys or man on the moon

Recently, Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich declared his support for the idea of a moon colony. Even more recently, he was roundly mocked for this even thoughmanned space flight is one of the glories of American history. Wired asked space enthusiast Warren Elliswhat he thought of the plan:

Groovy Comics-inspired shelves now available in the US

These stylish, practical wooden comics inspired shelves designed by Oscar Nuñez are now available for sale in the US from Groopti.

Kibbles 'n' Bits, 1/31/2012

January done…so soon? Only a few more months left for life as we know it!