Why streaming content still sucks as a business model

While we all contemplate the various issues regarding revenue for comics and where it will come from, let’s look at where we all assume it will be going: some variant of streaming content. With Apple—and the rest of the market —doing everything they can to kill off the DVD and “the cloud’ becoming the place from whence all jollies will emerge, it is still not a great source of revenue for the big players like Netflix and Spotify.

Marvel Month-to-Month Sales December 2011

by Paul O’Brien

— This month, the slow build to AVENGERS VS X-MEN begins with the AVENGERS: X-SANCTION miniseries; and DEFENDERS is relaunched. Both are wisely given a pretty clear run, without other Marvel launches competing for space.

Elsewhere, the X-Men, Hulk and Fantastic Four relaunches continue to bed down. And down at the bottom end of the chart, the cancellations continue to mount up.

Normal service is resumed, kind of, as Marvel had the largest share of the north American direct market, albeit by a fairly narrow margin – 39% to 38% in units, 34.4% to 33.7% in dollars. But bear in mind, this was a five-week month where DC more or less sat out week five.

Valiant launches retailer outreach, hires Freeman

The newly resurgent Valiant Entertainment is taking action to get the retail community on it side, hiring former retailer Atom! Freeman to the position of Sales Manager and starting a campaign to contact all the 2500 retailers in the US. This kind of goodwill tour should pay off quite a bit—in our experience, all it really takes to befriend a retailer is to listen and then maybe learn.

New Joann Sfar documentary will make you feel better about being a cartoonist

Soon after posting yesterday’s fret fest over the state of the cartoonist, we had to hurry off to the world premiere of JOANN SFAR: DRAWING FROM LIFE, a documentary by Sam Ball about the French comics superstar. A mellow, thoughtful 46 minute film, it captures Sfar a few years ago when THE RABBI’S CAT was on its way to selling 600,000 copies in France and his work was being published here in the US by First Second…but BEFORE he became more renowned in his homeland for directing.

Aardman's awesome DC Nation trailer

Okay this might just be the coolest comics-related promo of the year. Aardman Films, the claymation studio behind Wallace and Gromit, has made a promo piece for the DC Nation cartoon block debuting on the Cartoon Network later this year. It takes a conceit first used on their breakthrough film, CREATURE COMFORTS, which animated zoo goers comments on what the zoo animals might be thinking. In this case, they take kid’s voicing various DC superheroes. The result is charming and fresh. If DC Nation has anything this good we’re in for a treat.