Kids Comics Gone Bad: Reviewing Criminal: The Last of the Innocent

Ed Brubaker’s and Sean Phillips’ Criminal series is the rarest of treats: a comic that I can count on showing up in the library a couple weeks after if comes out. Like clockwork. And it doesn’t seem to matter what city I’m in. Sure enough, there’s a copy of Criminal: Last of the Innocents in my hot little hands. Except, this isn’t your normal installment of the franchise.

Apple's new iBooks Author sounds great—but is it?

by Matt Demers

[Yesterday’s Apple announcement about a self-authoring tool to get books into the iBookstore sounded like a boon to comics creators and part of the whole DIY movement. However, as Matt Demers writes, it’s not all as rosy as it looks.]

In one of their much-hyped press events yesterday, Apple unveiled a new version of their iBooks with a specific focus on educational texts. When viewed on students’ iPads, these once-boring textbooks would come alive with video, animations and graphics. There would also be the ability to annotate and create interactive glossaries, possibly bringing a bit of future flair to the medium.

SAVE THE DATE for Jeffrey Brown's Sundance movie debut

In a world where every comics-to-movie project gets endlessly covered, SAVE THE DATE has pretty much flown under the radar — but then it’s an indie movie created by an indie cartoonist and not based specifically on a comics property. The film, based on ideas from indie cartoonist stalwart Jeffrey Brown, follows two sisters — one about to get married, the other just broken up with her boyfriend, and how they approach love and commitment. Directed by Mike Mohan (“One Too Many Mornings”) from a script by Mohan, Jeffrey Brown and Egan Reich, the movie debuts this weekend at Sundance and has already gotten some buzz behind it. It stars Lizzy Caplan (True Blood, 127 Hours), as the single sister (who happens to be a cartoonist), Alison Brie (Mad Men, Scream 4) as the sister about to get married, Martin Starr (Mad Love, Adventureland) and Geoffrey Arend.

Ron Perazza joins comiXology as VP

Well now the circle is complete. Former DC online VP Ron Perazza has joined comiXology as Vice-President – General Manager of Publisher and Creator Services. At DC, Perazza was responsible for the ambitious Zuda imprint and behind many other forward-looking initiatives. Since leaving DC last year he’s been a bit of a free agent, but presumably his non-compete is over, and comiXology is the perfect place for him and furthers their place as the driver of the digital comics era.