The big news: two new Captain Underpants books, and GN e-books

In related and interesting news, Dav Pilkey’s two Super Diaper Baby spinoff graphic novels will get e-books on January 31 of this year, each with supplemental material for that e-book/DVD extra format. These have the potential to be among the biggest selling e-comics of the year — or not since every kid has a print version. Worth keeping an eye on.

Dynamite announces The Bionic Woman, and a Flash Gordon spinoff, Merciless: The Rise of Ming

Dynamite has some new books on the way, including The Bionic Woman, by Paul Tobin, Leno Carvalho with Paul Renaud on covers.

Today it’s Merciless – The Rise of Ming #1, which is written by Scott Beatty and drawn by Ron Adrian, with Alex Ross covers. This is a spin-off prequel of Flash Gordon – Zeitgeist (a title that just begs for spin-offs called Flash Gordon: Weltschmerz, Flash Gordon: Der Zauberberg and so on.) The book debuts in April:

DC cuts six, adds six to New 52; brings back Earth 2

Some shall stand and some shall fall. Everyone know it was only a matter of time before some adjustments would be made to the New 52 line-up — and the John Rood/Bob Wayne interviews hinted that it was coming soon — and boom — six in and six out.

Heading into the big used comics box in the sky are BLACKHAWKS, HAWK AND DOVE, MEN OF WAR, MISTER TERRIFIC, O.M.A.C. and STATIC SHOCK, which will all end with their eighth issue (Meaning two issues of each will be forever uncollected — see we told you to go to that back issue bin.)

Adding to the lineup, a variety of new and long-rumored titles — and news of more crossovers and more parallel worlds.

Want to go to Comic-Con? You'll need your member ID

As former Comic-Con attendees noted on Monday, a whole new system for getting badges is being implemented—even for people who are already in the system for having a badge.

Affecting pros, press and volunteers, the new system requires you to create your own Member ID and password, type in a really tough captcha and confirm and then then….wait for the next step.

The system is sufficiently difficult that they made a 2+ minute video showing you how to do it.

Comics history: The "Comic book situation" of 1955

We’ve been a bit out of the news for a few days due to crushing deadlines on another project, and while scanning the news for catch-up purposes we noticed that Google was offering comicbook headlines of the past like this ons from May 12, 1955. The story from the Oxnard Press-Courier relates the story of a vigilante group of concerned citizens who have vowed to make sure that comics on the newsstands were carrying the Comics Code seal and that the “comic book situation” provided proper reading for the kids.