Bill Willingham gives his take on "Fables" vs "Once Upon A Time"

Fairy tales are hot again — with multiple movie versions of Snow White coming out next year and two competing fairy tale set shows on TV this fall — NBC’s Grimm and ABC’s Once Upon a Time — the universality of these iconic tales is once again proved. After all, fairy tales are a fun way for kids to learn all about abandonment and death, as Bruno Bettelheim once pointed out.

In all this celebration of the collective unconscious, however, it has been noticed that maybe Once Upon a Time was perhaps sleeping in the same brain as Bill Willingham’s FABLES — both deal with fairy tale characters dealing with the modern world and — smoking gun? — FABLES was even once in development at ABC.

DeFalco Replaces Nicieza on Legion Lost – Legion of Super-Heroes is an Ex-Marvel EIC Magnet

By Todd Allen What is it about the Legion of Super-Heroes that pulls in ex-Marvel editor-in-chiefs.  Roy Thomas wrote it.  Gerry Conway wrote it.  Jim Shooter came back for another run.  Now Tom DeFalco is taking over Legion Lost with issue #7.  Writing changes announced on Superman, Green Arrow and Legion Lost before the 4th […]

Fight! Alan Moore vs Frank Miller over OWS

Once they teamed up to fight dull comics and superhero tropes with the twin pillars of 80s dark and edgy — THE DARK KNIGHT and WATCHMEN — but now they find themselves on opposite sides of a political battle!

Okay it’s not really a fight, it’s middle-aged comics creators speaking their minds, but Alan Moore has rebutted Frank Miller’s disparaging comments on the Occupy Wall Street movement. While Moore’s work has actually become something of a symbol for the various protest movements springing up around the world as the V for Vendetta mask has become an icon at the rallies, Miller called the protesters losers who needed to go home to their momma’s basement. And as usual, Moore just has no time for it:

Steel is back in ACTION

The new 52 Universe is getting even more diverse with the return of Steel, who returns in ACTION #4 by Grant Morrison and Rags Morales. In addition to teaming with Superman in the main story, the “John Henry Irons” of the DCU will get his very own 8-page back-up by Sholly Fisch and Brad Walker. And he’ll be back for another back-up in ACTION #7.

Created as one of the “variant Supermen” during the Death of Superman story, Steel had a pretty good comics run in the ’90s, getting up to issue #52 of his very own series — until he had the misfortune to star in a movie. With Steel by basketball legend Shaquille O’Neal, the film is considered one of the very worst superhero movies of all time. Since then he’s appeared as a back-up character here, there, and everywhere.

Despite the cinematic setback, Steel has always been a pretty cool character, so it’s about time he returned.

Shamus's last days at the Wizard World bunker

A terse SEC filing on Friday has led to headlines all over comics: Gareb Shamus has resigned as CEO, President and Director of Wizard World, Inc., the convention-running entity of the Wizard empire. Seeing as how Shamus is the owner and founder of the company it came as a shock. But what does it really mean? Has Shamus really been ousted from his own company — or is it just a filing to reflect some internal resource shuffling?

Christmas Countdown: Tsuneo Sanda

Let’s get our Christmas art parade kicked off with Japanese artist Tsuneo Sanda, one of the best known contemporary Star Wars artists — because nothing says Christmas like Yoda.

Every Star Wars Christmas image brings back distant memories of the “Star Wars Holiday Special” and Bea Arthur’s bravura performance as the cantina owner. And the burning question “What do you get a wookie for Christmas (when he already owns a comb)?”