SVA launches INK digital anthology

Just a few days ago we mentioned how digital comics magazines for the tablet are the next frontier, and here’s another new one, INK.

INK’s pedigree is pretty good: it’s produced by the students and faculty of the School of Visual Arts in New York, a hotbed of cartooning talent and innovation.The first issue can be read for FREE and downloaded for iPad or read on the web.

Persepolis showing creates uproar in Tunisia

Comics and related cartoons continue to cause problems in the Middle East. Tunisia, the country widely credited with setting off the “Arab Spring” in a relatively peaceful fashion earlier this year, is in an uproar after Marjane Satrapi’s animated film was shown last month and immediately set off a huge controversy for a scene which shows God — which, as you may have realized by now, is forbidden by some branches of Islam.

Nessma, the station which ran the film, is being sued for showing it — and the trial erupted in angry confrontations yesterday:

Disney's very female-friendly take on Marvel

One of the major — if not THE major — reasons that Disney purchased Marvel two years ago for $4 billion was that the House of Ideas supplied a ready-made audience of material aimed at boys under 18 — the one quadrant Disney has always had the toughest time reaching. Disney does princesses and Pooh great, but they had to create a whole cable network that could be specifically branded for boys — Disney XD, which already airs various Marvel cartoons.

So this look at just how Disney has used the Marvel universe by Mike Gold is quite interesting as he points out that Marvel TV shows in development at Disney include the Hulk, AKA Jessica Jones (ALIAS), Cloak and Dagger, and a possible Miley Cyrus vehicle based on Mockingbird: