Webcomic alert: Emerald City Comicon launches "Tales from the Con"

Promoting a comic-con with a webcomic? Why didn’t *we* think of that? Emerald City Comicon — to be held March 30-April 1 in Seattle — has broken the seal on this idea with “Tales from the Con”, a weekly strip by Brad Guigar and Chris Giarrusso. You came for the vendor update and stayed for the laugh.


More Marvel series ending: Ghost Rider and Black Panther

Marvel’s culling continues, with both GHOST RIDER and BLACK PANTHER reaching their final issues.


Exclusive: Robertson, Goldman, and Amanda Palmer join Occupy Comics

While comics pundits continue to debate (well, really beat down) Frank Miller over his ornery comments about the Occupy Wall Street movement, Occupy Comics continues to ramp up, with the addition of contributions from Darick Robertson, Dan Goldman, and musician Amanda Palmer , just three new high profile contributors with, we’re told, more to come.

The project has a Kickstarter page , and is already $1000 away from their goal of funding comics coverage of the protest movement. Susan Cagle, Charlie Adlard, Molly Crabapple, Joseph Michael Lisner, Steve Niles, Tim Seeley, Ben Templesmith, and others are already on board.


New Avengers character posters unveiled

The Avengers plus Loki and Nick Fury. These look pretty nice. Even with the typography elements taking center stage in the design, ScarJo continues to exhibits awesome mastery of the butt-and-face first pose, while Mark Ruffalo as the Halk does not look like Zoolander, which is a big improvement.

Sad that none of the guys are turned so we can see their butt. Especially Thor and Captain America.


Previews: DAREDEVIL by Paolo Rivera

Marvel released a few pages of DAREDEVIL art by Paolo Rivera who returns to the book with issue #7. According to Marvel this s a good jumping on point. The previous issue is by Marcos martin so you really can’t go wrong here.


Aaron: PUNISHER MAX is "ending", not canceled

A brief follow-up to yesterday’s story about Marvel ending PUNISHER MAX and X-23. As word spread, writer Jason Aaron issued a Twitter clarification that the book was not canceled, but the story was ending:

Aaron had mentioned in interviews over the summer that he felt his story was drawing to a close.


More Previews fallout: Marz off VOODOO

Poring over the February solicitations this week has revealed several bits of news. For instance, the Old New 52 gang is breaking up some more as Ron Marz is no longer writing VOODOO, to be replaced by Josh Williamson. Although VOODOO’s cameltoe-tastic art by Sami Basri had drawn criticism, most observers agreed that for a story about a stripper who is really an alien, Marz had done a decent job. However, editors wanted a different take, even though editor Rex Ogle was leaving to take a job at Scholastic, as Marz told Newsarama.


Bluewater wins TITANS clash with Warners

When a giant movie studio and a small comics publisher both use the same title, who gets to keep it? Well, in the case of WRATH OF THE TITANS, both.

Warners is planning a sequel to its CLASH OF THE TITANS remake for next year, entitled WRATH OF THE TITANS and starring Sam Worthington and directed by Jonathan Liebesman.

But Bluewater already published a seres of sequels to the movie in its Ray Harryhausen line, also entitled WRATH OF THE TITANS (this fact wasn’t mentioned in the Variety story.) Harryhausen, you may recall, is the driving force behind the original CLASH OF THE TITANS, which showcased his signature stop motion animation.