Cartoonists and the law: Susie Cagle arrested, charged with misdemeanor

Cartoonist Susie Cagle — who was previously teargassed during another confrontation — was arrested as part of the Occupy Oakland protest on Wednesday night. Cagle was not there as a protester, but as a reporter, covering the scene for According to Cagle’s father, Cagle was arrested despite having a prominent press pass and the arresting officer actually knowing her and her work.

After being held overnight at Santa Rita Jail, Cagle was released, and charged with the misdemeanor of “present at raid.” On her twitter stream she mentions she’s currently trying to retrieve her wallet and housekeys from the Oakland police.

Cartoonists and the law: Steve Rude update

Following up news of Monday’s arrest of Steve “The Dude” Rude on charges of assault and violating a restraining order, Tom Spurgeon got further details of the night in question from Rude’s wife Jaynelle. It seems that on Halloween evening, Steve was outside, in costume, giving out Halloween candy, when barking dogs in a neighbor’s yard distracted the Dude, which led him to throw rocks at the fence in front of the dogs. The owners of the dogs — who had previously obtained the restraining order against Rude — came out and an argument ensued, which ended with Rude physically shoving one of the neighbors and ripping his shirt off. Rude then returned to handing out his Halloween candy until the police showed up and arrested him.

Spencer/Cloonan VICTOR VON DOOM mini canceled

The world will not get to see this awesome comic, alas. Via Twitter, Nick Spencer confirms that a planned miniseries about a teenaged Victor Von Doom by Becky Cloonan and himself will not be coming out. ”

I see word is out about VICTOR VON DOOM. Trust me, no one is more bummed about this than I am.
Really proud of the scripts and hope to get to work with @beckycloonan sooner rather than later.

The first issue had been planned to ship next week.

DC wallops Marvel 51% to 30% in October

Looks like that risky relaunch really paid off, as DC had 51% of the comics unit share in October, according to just released Diamond figures. That was a whopping 21 points over Marvel. DC led 42% to 30% in dollars. Justice League #2 topped the comics chart, joined by Green Lantern, Batman, Detective Action, Superman and the Flash in the top 10. Marvel’s top seller was Incredible Hulk #1.

Jesse Moynihan, cartoonist of today

You might not expect to find an interview with Jesse Moynihan up at Newsarama, but he’s got so much cool stuff going on, including Forming, his visually stunning webcomic retelling the origin of the world via a pan-pantheistic mythology. If all that sounds hopelessly highbrow, he also gets to subvert America’s youth (and stoned adults) as a storyboard artist on Adventure Time. Zack Smith gets him to explain how he does it:

America's basement-dwelling population growing

Over the three years (!) of the Great Recession, it’s been noted many times that the Fantasy Economy has held up better than many other segments. Yes, comics sales are down overall, but they took a while to take a hit and rebounded strongly when something interesting happened (New 52).

But why? Maybe it’s because America’s stay-at-home male population is also growing, as Politico notes.