Steve Bissette calls for Marvel boycott over their treatment of Jack Kirby

Spinning out of a Facebook discussion, cartoonist and educator Steve Bissette is making a case for a boycott of Marvel over how shabbily they have treated Jack Kirby and his heirs:

Walking Dead and Death of Spider-Man top shaky June sales

June was another down month, with periodical comics sales down 4.62 percent from June of 2010. The GN picture was more complicated. Overall, these numbers paint a pretty dicey picture for the Fantasy Economy. (See Larry Marder’s comment’s here). June 2010 may have been an abnormal month for GN sales but there is a need for more franchises like Hellboys, Chews and Narutos.

SDCC11: Brian Ralph’s Comic-Con comics diary

Another winner in TCJ’s cartoonist diary series.

To do 8/6: Grant Morrison at Isotope

Isotope Comics in San Francisco is hosting a MASSIVE epic this Saturday with Grant Morrison as he winds down his SUPERGODS tour. The event includes an all-ages signing from 2-5, followed by a night-time hangout that features the amazing lo-ball glasses designed by Cameron Stewart and Sonia Harris, designer of BUTCHER BAKER, THE RIGHTEOUS MAKER.

Update on stolen Brent Anderson art

Artist Brent Anderson has sent out an updated list of the art that was stolen from his car just after the San Diego Comic-Con. If you see any of this for sale, please contact him. Images of some of the stolen art can be seen on his art page.

Smurfs tie with Cowboys & Aliens at the box office –with bonus Platinum SEC filings

The Smurfs shocked everyone by tying the much hyped COWBOYS & ALIENS at the box office this weekend and we dig into Platinum’s stock filings to see what’s up at the company. Plus: Who is Ervin Rustemagic?

Kibbles ‘n’ Bits — 8/1/11

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