Marvel offers variants for DC covers again

The last time Marvel did a “Comics for Comics” program, they rather slyly offered a Marvel variant edition for the covers of some DC BLACKEST NIGHT tie-ins. And they are at it again, the cheeky devils at Marvel are offering a variant edition of FEAR ITSELF #6 to retailers who strip off the covers of a bunch of Flashpoint tie-ins. It’s kind of a variation on the old “collecting scalps/heads of our enemies” routine. In the PR Marvel claims that tens of thousands of covers were sent in in past versions of the program…considering the print runs of some of these books, that would be a significant chunk of the runs.

The Comic-Con Celebrity Diaries: James Urbaniak

By James Urbaniak —

I was planning to arrive at San Diego Thursday morning but I ended up getting a callback for one of my trademarked red herring characters on a crime procedural for Thursday afternoon. (Seriously, why do I still have to audition for these red herrings? But that’s another blog post.) So I ended up taking the train from Los Angeles Thursday night. I arrived around 11:00 pm. An Adult Swim party was in full swing but I was tired and carrying bags. Dr. Venture took a cab to his hotel.

The Comic-Con Virgin Diaries: Lauren A., Days 3-7

by Lauren Adkins [As the scrum and tumult of con began, our trio of first-time San Diego Comic-Con attendees lost contact with the overweb, but reports have been trickling in. Here’s a mid-con report from Twilight fan Lauren.] I’m writing from the Indigo Ballroom line! A wise man once said, Comic-Con plans often go to […]