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Tell us what webcomics you’re reading!

We’ve been reprimanded by our readers for not spotlighting enough webcomics here so SCHOOL us. DROP SOME KNOWLEDGE ON US. Webcomics creators — post away! Readers — tell us what’s working! Share!

Fun new Captain America spot to sell many, many Cherry Coolatas

Dunkin Donuts and Captain America are teaming up for a plastic cup. And also a remarkably red slushee called a Cherry Coolata.

This charming, imaginative spot for the drink — and the movie — may just sell more tickets to CAPTAIN AMERICA than the regular trailers.

Captain America opens July 22nd nationwide.

Stan Lee, Todd McFarlane and Japanese Music Star Yoshiki

How many times can one man pact? Stan Lee is pushing the boundaries of human endurance with, interestingly, a story which involves “forces beyond comprehension.” This time he’s bringing along Todd McFarlane and the duo are teaming with Japanese musical/chat show star Yoshiki for a projects called Blood Red Dragon. Details of the project will be announced at, where else, San Diego.

While we’re not familiar with Yoshiki’s career, based on the photos we found, it appears that Lee and McFarlane may be embarking on their first yaoi project. Which would be fantastic.

The Wimpy Kid — a $500 million franchise

Jeff Kinney’s Wimpy Kid series get profiled revealing that is has now joined such publishing behemoths as Twilight and Stieg Larsson – indeed only the late Swedish author beat Kinney as best selling author in the US last year. The piece expands a bit on how YA publishing is still strong as other genres fade:

Webcomic alert: Darryl Cunningham on Evolution

Daryl Cunningham has finished another of his excellent comics debunking unscience, this time on Evolution. Previous comics have covered such topics as global warming and autism “research.” A book collection of these comics will be out next year.

And there was great rejoicing!

Webcomic alert: Emily Carroll’s The Prince and the Sea”

Emily Carroll has delivered a new webcomicthis one another fairy tale based on a dream and inspired by the illustrations of Henry J. Ford.

And there was great rejoicing!

Newsy bits and notes: video games are art, etc.

Video Games can’t be banned, Jim Woodring is a visionary, Mark Millar thinks superhero movies are still okay and so on.