Walmart teams with Captain America for digital comics

When the Captain America movie was in the planning stages, there was some anxiety over whether the “America” in the title would be off-putting to foreign lands, where so much movie money is made these days. Well, there’s one place that Cap fits right in and it’s Wal*Mart, which has a whole Captain America store, including a link to CAPTAIN AMERICA: FIRST VENGEANCE #1 a digital comic byFred Ven Lente, Luke Ross, and Richard Isanove that you can read right now for free via Marvel’s DCU interface. The comic has been up for a while, but it’s interesting to see Wal*Mart getting into the game.

Webcomic parade: Sean Pryor’s “Techno Junkie”

Sean Pryor is a talented young cartoonist we’ve been keeping an eye on for a while, and we’re happy to point you to his debut as a writer/artist, “Techno Junkie” for Royal Flush. It’s a dark fable about when seclusion meets technology addiction. Pryor previously illustrated “30 DAYS IN THE HOLE” for Royal Flush, as well as several stories with Harvey Pekar for Royal Flush and The Pekar Project.

Marvel announces X-Men plans; Uncanny is back

It turns out there will soon be a comic book called UNCANNY X-MEN for sale after all! It’s coming back in October with a new #1 as part of an X-men eventish thing called “X-men Regenesis” which will find the mutants splitting into two teams (yes kinda like Blue and Gold back in the day.) One will appear in UNCANNY X-MEN, to be written again by Kieron Gillen with art by Chris Bacahlo and anther called WOLVERINE & THE X-MEN, also debuting in October, to be written by Jason Aaron, with art by Carlos Pacheco & Greg Land.

Guggenheim’s Nowhere Man is somewhere again, three years later

The week before a big movie release is the traditional time for announcements of new projects for those involved; it’s a magical time when the entertainment world’s attention is turned to you, but before possible tankage or bad news, when there’s a world of opportunity for those with vision.

Thus it is that Deadline today announced that GREEN LANTERN writer Marc Guggenheim was launching his comics series NOWHERE MAN:

Wimpy Kid 6 announced: “Cabin Fever” gets 6 million first printing

Debate whether it counts as comics or not, one thing is certain: Jeff Kinney’s WIMPY KID series is HUGE. The sixth book in the series is out this November with a massive 6 million copy first printing, the biggest release of 2011.

The storyline finds the Heffley family suffering from cabin fever as they’re stuck inside during a huge blizzard. The theme says, Kinney is “being stuck inside the identity you create for yourself.”