Meanwhile: Dark Horse announces retailer exclusives for digital

Back in October, at the ICv2 digital summit, there was a lot of talk about whether digital comics would kill brick-and-mortar stores — one way to stave off that dire future vision was the idea of digital store exclusives — things that you can only download from a store. The video game industry has been doing this for a while. When Dark Horse announced their own digital initiative, retailer exclusives were part of the mix. (DC has also announced their intentions to offer retailer incentives, but they have yet to be made official.)

Anyway, Dark Horse has just announced they will be making exclusive 8-page stories from their hottest titles available only through comics shops — via the print-out-a-code-and-hand-it-over method. Wow. So simple. First titles involved include B.P.R.D.,  Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Mass Effect. PR below and a sample page from B.P.R.D. Casualties above.

Point/Counterpoint: Readers speak on DCU changes

[Earlier today we ran an essay by longtime Beat contributor Mark Coale on The DC Flashpoint Reboot. In it he stated he was going to stop reading DC entirely. In the interests of fairness, we reached out to find readers who are excited about the changes. We’ve gotten several great responses and we’ll run them over the next day or so. And yes we’ll get back to non-DC news very very soon!}

Nice art: Jock's new DETECTIVE cover

Artist Jock just tweeted this Joker cover for ‘Tec and people went nuts. Can you blame them?

Stan Lee goes ape with Act-i-vate

As incredible as it is to believe, there is OTHER news today. Like a guest ACT-I-VATE strip called “Even Gorillas have Pride!” written by Stan Lee and drawn by Dean Haspiel for the PANELS FOR PRIMATES series.

Flipping Point: The Coin Is Scarred Side Up

While there will be plenty of PR spinning about DC’s big news as a great jumping on point for new readers and all that other doublespeak, let’s look at the other side of the coin.

DC's new line: What we know, what we're saying

Why is it that the biggest news always happens right after a holiday weekend? 18 months ago, it was Disney buying Marvel after Labor Day; this time, it’s the biggest editorial readjustment at a superhero comics company EVER: DC’s just announced plan to launch 52 new #1 issues in September, with changed or adjusted characters, costumes and and origins. Here’s what you need to know, the confirmed and the speculation.

First, what we know: The whole new line up will be announced on Monday, June 13th, when the Previews for that month is released. Until then, expect to see breaking news in national news outlets and on The Source.