The comics day at BEA: Day 1 — Habibi and Wimpy Kid rule


The first day of exhibits at this year’s BEA kicked off with a smaller floor space, and, as opposed to years past when the Diamond booth was the place to be for comics, found comics publishers scattered all over the floor — Archaia being the latest to move out, over to PGW. But wherever they were, comics seemed comfortable to be there.

Wonder Woman: What happened and why she is wearing shorts


Since the announcement that Wonder Woman pilot had not made NBC’s schedule, there has been no dearth of analysis about what it says about Wonder Woman, about us, about women, about…EVERYTHING, dammit. The Wonder Woman pilot getting dropped may just be the most significant event of our time!

First off, a picture of the variant “shorts” costume has been making the rounds. Would showing a bit more thigh have tipped the balance for the show? Probably not. With Wonder Woman nothing can ever, ever be simple.

Jack Kirby: "Nobody was in the mood to joke unless you hit a guy with a baseball bat."


The notorious 1990 Comics Journal interview with Jack Kirby is now online in its entirety, and you can see what made it notorious. The 71-year-old Kirby was not shy about asserting his place in the creation of comics’ best known characters and at the expense of his collaborators.

Piskor's Color Chart of Yore points out how awful most comics coloring is


Ed “Wizzywig” Piskor has crated a Photoshop version of the famous 64-color chart used to color comics up until the advent of computer coloring and scanning in the 80s.

It is, as he points out, rather than a crippling limitation, an invitation to actually think about color:

Webcomics watch: Donna Barr's A LITTLE DEATH


Donna Barr is one of the more eccentric cartoonists to come out of the whole self-publishing movement — her signature book, DESERT PEACH, is about gay Nazis, for instance. Currently she’s working on a webcomic called A LITTLE DEATH, which illustrates readers written comments on how they think they’ll die. Like we said — fun, but a little weird.

Menu leaves L'Association


Jean-Christophe Menu, a founding member and driving force behind the French art comic powerhouse L’Association, has left the organization following a series of shake-ups and disruptions, including a workers strike. Bart Beaty has the best analysis of what it mean for L’Asso, Menu and French comics in general.