ALA conference launches Artists Alley for comics

Librarians love cartoonists who create books that people of all ages want to actually check out of the library. And cartoonists love librarians who buy their books and shelve them in high traffic GN sections.

This great love affair for our times is going even further at this year’s American Library Association conference in New Orleans — organizers are making space available for an Artist Alley for the first time.

Nice art: Dave McKean's Celluloid

The just arrived issue of PW Comics Week has a nice preview of Celluloid, Dave McKean’s first graphic novel since Cages. You’d think an undertaking of this sort might have gotten a little but more hoopla. Perhaps when people start looking at the art, it will

Celluloid is described as a “pornographic work of art” about a man, a woman and a porn film that all intersect. It’s out from from Fantagraphics next month.

Marvel releases "Not a dry eye in the house" variant for DEATH OF SPIDER-MAN

Normally we don’t run more than one Marvel PR in a day — and they send out about 38 each and every day — but when we saw that Joe Quesada had done a variant billed as the “No dry eye in the house” variant for The Death of Spider-Man storyline just now wrapping up in ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN…well…we had to share. Because we like everyone to blubber in the afternoon. It’s good for you.

B&N radically increasing comics periodicals offerings in June

It looks like bookstores are getting so eager for new product categories that they are actually going back to the periodical market. Barnes & Noble, the still-standing book chain, is adding comics racks to its product mix, apparently in advance of this summer’s comic book movie heavy slate. Bleeding Cool has an internal memo on the matter:

Sotomayor's Dirty Dozen: Reilly Brown

By Chris SotomayorI’ve been a fan of Reilly’s since I first noticed his work on Cable & Deadpool, a few years back. One of the great things about following an artist from the beginning of his career, is that you can see glimmers of greatness, and Reilly is no exception. Reilly is a student of storytelling, and he gets straight A’s every time, always adding a new layer with every project. Plus, he’s just such a personable and easy-going guy.

ICv2 plans Comics, Media, and Digital Conference for Comic-Con

If you’ve been wondering when we’ll see this year’s “White Paper” from Milton Griepp, with year-over-year statistics and trends, it will be presented at the ICv2 Comics, Media, and Digital Conference 2011 which will be held on the Wednesday before the San Diego Comic-Con. Griepp holds similar events at various shows around the calendar. Here’s some PR; these one-day events are traditionally an information packed professional day.