Read the Eisner-nominated AFRODISIAC for free!

Jim Rugg and Brian Maruca’s totally groovy AFRODISIAC has been nominated for an Eisner for Best Humor Publication. But it’s currently between printings. What to do? AdHouse has put it up to read for free:

To ensure that every possible Eisner Award voter has all of the necessary information to cast their ballot in a responsible and educated manner, we have decided to put the entire book online for FREE.

MoCCA thoughts: The indie evolution

The MoCCA Festival at the Lexington Armory a few days ago was a fun weekend — the numerous photo shows filled with smiling faces of dedicated artists and publishers show that. Look at Peggy Burns’ engaging set or Dan Nadel’s. Fun is fine, of course, but that’s not entirely why people go to indie shows like MoCCA, SPX, and TCAF. I’d argue that the social aspect of hanging out with fellow cartoonists is a major motivation for attending, but that’s not why D&Q or PictureBox or Fantagraphics attends. These are important shows for promoting authors and selling books.

Future Comics: Hobo Lobo

Webcomics are moving forward with more experimentation on the infinite canvas of the browser, and taking new and unforeseen shapes. Here’s one by Stevan Živadinović called “Hobo Lobo” that’s a sidescroller/multi-plane retelling of the Pied Piper tale. Apparently this doesn’t work on Explorer (what does?) but it worked on my decrepit and senile computer, so…happy scrolling!